Has anyone else had a reoccurrence of symptoms post surgery? What do you do for relief?

I was diagnosed about ten years ago after fracturing the right styloid on my jaw. I had surgery on that side, then again several years later on the left side.

Both surgeries were successful. However, ten years later, I am experiencing the same set of symptoms on the right side. I have had symptoms on and off for several years, but am currently having a very painful episode. I am about to re-visit my surgeon and beg for some help.

This time I am also experiencing facial numbness, blurry vision, neck and head pain. Through research I am realizing that this is due to the irritation of a nerve and carotid artery.

I am also curious to know what other people have done to find relief.

I fractured it by turning my head at a certain angle. The styloid process had grown long enough to catch on my jaw bone. I just had a 3D scan today. It is pretty amazing how much they can see! Good luck with finding relief.