Has anyone experienced anxiety relief?


Of the many symptoms I’ve learned about with ES, it seems anxiety might be one. I am wondering if anyone has experienced anxiety relief after styloid removal surgery. It seems I cannot do much that requires intense mental attention without feeling anxious. Hoping surgery will help. (I have vascular ES).

Here’s a pic of my scan.

WOW! Your styloids are EXTREMELY L-O-N-G!! Not surprising you have vascular symptoms. Brain fog is very common w/ vascular ES as are visual & hearing changes & worst of all intracranial hypertension (high blood pressure in your brain) which is what causes the brain fog, visual & hearing changes.

The vagus nerve is the largest of our cranial nerves & runs from the skull through the neck, chest, & into the abdomen & down to the pelvis. It controls many bodily functions including anxiety. Some other things it is responsible for are breathing, speaking, heart rate, blood pressure, gastrointestinal function & even bladder function. These are a few of it’s major roles. Pain itself causes anxiety so in answer to your question, some of our members have noted a marked difference in anxiety levels once their styloids were removed.


Thank you for that explanation @Isaiah_40_31

I learned of my ES when I started trying to understand the intense tinnitus I have been experiencing. We thought maybe I had craniocervical instability, which I do. It was not until I had the scans to see how bad my neck was that we discovered the ES. So here I am…

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And that’s so when you have any condition that causes pain. When I finally got the correct treatment for my rare disease, my pain levels went down and so did my anxiety. Depression improved some time later. Last year, I had spine surgery which resolved some pretty extreme pain that I’d had for several years. And guess what happened? Blood pressure normalized. Our bodies and minds are totally amazing.

I think pain, and how we are affected by it, is a very complex thing. I hope finding the right treatment for your problem brings you many benefits, baldcaldwell!


Eeek! They are long…hope you can get them removed soon!