Has anyone had surgery with Dr Sanji uninsured?

Does anyone know of anyone who has had surgery with Dr Samji without insurance? Would be interesting to know approximate costs I guess to see if it would ever be an option for me.

Had another appointment with an ENT today. He didn’t really believe in Eagle’s Syndrome. I am so sick of trying to find someone in Australia to consider doing revision surgery. I always new it would be difficult to convince someone over here when it took me 3 years to find someone to do it in the first place. Even a consultation over the phone would tell me whether he thought revision surgery would be an option I guess. If someone with a good amount of experience in this type of surgery said they wouldn’t recommend it then I wouldn’t bother seeing anyone in Australia again. Latest CT said that 28mm of the process remains after my intra-oral surgery and that it is angled more medially than the other side. Thanks.