Going To Visit Dr.Samji!

Well.....after my discussion on Saturday with Dr. Samji, I am getting prepared to take a visit down to San Jose for my clinical evaluation office visit.

I am, however, sending my CD to another very well respected ENT (that deals with Eagles) to give me a second opinion is he thinks that my 55 + mm styloids are giving me issues.

After my clinic visit, I am prepared to set a surgery date with Dr. Samji, staying in San Jose for 5-6 days until I fly back home to Spokane, Washington.

Not knowing if surgery will cure my symptoms is my biggest worry of all. I recognize that it is a fairly major surgery to go through.

However, 7 years is long enough to suffer...........and I want the HOPE of getting better.

Will keep you guys posted as I continue along this journey.


Wow. Let me know how your visit went with Dr. Samji. He was my doctor and my hero. My styloid was 47 mm. You really have been dealing with alot. Keep us posted. Polly.

Wonderful! I am also going to see Dr. Samji after having a phone contact with him, but have to wait until November due to my schedule and kids etc. I live in Alaska and because of this very site with everyone sharing I have found Dr. Samji.

I am hopeful as well that this revision surgery will help heal me from the constant pain I live in! He was very comforting to talk to on the phone.


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Linda, he is a very nice man and very good doctor. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Thank you, I do hope he will be successful at getting the rest of the bone out. That is my prayer along with God's blessing of His healing me afterward. It takes faith this path of ES. But the hope of feeling better again is one I can't seem to give up.


Hello! Did you visit doc sanji

I had Dr Samji remove both

How did your surgery with Dr.Samji go?