Having left styloid removed end of February

Well after seeing multiple military doctors for vascular eagles syndrome, I’m finally having it cut down late february along with my thyroid… I’m nervous as hell cause I tried to get cleared to see a civilian doctor but didn’t work out… Unfortunately Because my migraines are so bad and it messes with my speech and mobility I will be going on dibility after the holidays… This site has really helped me a lot even some of my other doctors… And because I was diaganosed in the er (by a maxofacial and internal med doc.) it has open up eyes to a lot of other er staff. Some of the er doctors said the only reason why they know of it now is because of me and has incouraged them study up on it to help for future references…

Prayers coming your way. You have a lot on your plate. My thyroid was removed 2 years before my styloid. I pray that your migraines will stop and your surgery for both the thyroid and Eagles will be successful. I am sure it will not be easy. Make sure to give yourself a lot of time to heal. Just the thyroid alone, if you are losing it totally, is a tough recovery, mainly because it takes awhile to get used to the hormone supplements.

Be nice to yourself and don't expect more than you can do. Also, I am here to tell you that, for me once my medication was properly tweaked, I am doing great. Keep your positive attitude and thank all the doctors for studying up on all this. There are a lot of patients in need of experienced and interested physicians.