Operation october 22

Dear everyone

I am (finally) getting both styloids removed intra oral approach. The surgeon wants to take out my tonsils due to a calcification there as well. He will take out as much from the styloids possible after removing the tonsils.

I will be back to share my experience of symptoms afterwards.
/Eagle Rose

Best of luck Eagle Rose. I hope you are pain free very soon!!

Good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly with symptom relief.

Eagle Rose, I do hope things go smoothly and you get symptom relief quickly. Make sure to give yourself a lot of time to heal. 3 weeks is not enough. The stitches alone take that long to heal. Be prepared for a longer recuperation period before you have optimum symptom relief. I will be praying for you and your surgeon.

thank you so much.
i am prepped for surgery now. will be taken to operating room 8 am

happy thought and visions
Eagle Rose

Good luck today!!

good luck!

Best wishes today! Keeping you in my prayers :)

You're in my thoughts and prayers! So hope you find relief,


Prayers for a speedy recovery! Please keep us posted! :slight_smile:

I am thinking of you, too! I hope you are out skydiving right now because you feel so great! haha...or resting. I mean, resting is good, too. :)

Thanks for thinking of me :slight_smile: It has been a very hard time for me after surgery. It went well. Surgeon removed my tonsils which were very inflamed. Even though every ENT I

have seen the last two years have been telling me that my tonsils were fine!! So good thing that they came out. As for the styloids surgeon removed the ligaments and 1 cm bone on each side. After surgery I asked him why he did not remove more of it. It would have become too dangerous he said. So I hope that it will make a difference after all. My styloids were 3,7 and 3,1 cm to start with. So… Now they are at least reduced to what is supposed to be the “normal” range.

I have SO much pain. But its mainly from removing of tonsils. I am told by surgeon that it might take 1-2 months before I can tell if surgery worked out for me.

Pain is still dominant so I really cant say anything yet.

But I look forward to posting you again when I have been recovering some more :slight_smile:


Okay, we will be here as you get through this pain part, and I want to see you good and better, pain free, and healthy! I am surprised at the 1cm and the dangerous part. Those tonsils should help out a lot, but I am looking forward to what you have to say about it all! :) Recover well, recover strong, and we are here for you! Thank you for taking the time to update!

Praying that you get relief from the pain and for a speedy recovery! :)

Hi everybody

It has been a painfull time post op. I am recovering well, but its like many of you in here have been saying: "it takes time"

Today I had my first post op follow up by the surgeon, and everything looks like it should. I am fully healed, but nerves still needs time to heal and settle down. A couple of days after surgery pain were so intense that I really just wanted this life to be over and done with. On top of the tonsillectomy pain I had extreme nerve pains in my soft palate radiating to my ears. So awfull. And I thought of the possibility that it might be permanent damages from surgery.

Luckily this has been less and less as the days go by. So I am hopefull that it will eventually subside completely.

Nothing abnormal were found in my tonsils or bone samples. But the left tonsil had physical signs of the styloid process projecting into the tissue, causing significant damage in that area. That alone is amazingly good news, because it supports most of my ES symptoms - especially this VERY annoying and painfull feeling of something sharp stabbing me.

I am eating normally again but still have post op pain, still hurts to swallow now and again, and on pain killers still. So I am not sure what pain belongs to what, yet. I still have nerve pains in my face, but its much less than before. On a pain scale 0-10 I were a constant 7-10 before surgery. Now I am 0-3. Thats a huge difference to me right now.

Dizzyness is completely gone. None of that since surgery. No pain in my jugular vein, and I seem to get the feeling that my glossopharyngeal neuralgia is completely gone too…

I am carefull saying this… Because I really can not believe it yet. I have been living with this for so long that I am affraid to let my guards down. But it seems to have worked very well for me -at least for now.

Since january 2013 I have been on high dose of Gabapentin to get some relief from my facial neuralgia, and I am so happy to say that I have now been able to gradually lower my dosage untill last week where I went completely off it. So now I am only taking ordinary painkillers…

What a new world for me… I have much more energy for things in my life that I would NOT have been up to before surgery. I even pick up my kids from daycare now. Playing on the floor with them, Hanging out with my friends again. So even though I feel not 100% - I have to look back on what kind of life I lived before surgery… And there is a huge difference, even though I still have pain its not on the same level.

Surgeon told me today that the reason he only removed 1 cm bone on each side, were due to the fact that my styloids were too close to my jugular veins, and he would not risk anything by forcing the styloids out any further. And I have to respect that professional opinion. I am going back for my last follow up in january. Hopefully things will be even better by that time.

So even though surgery has been no walk in the park, I would do it all over again.
I send you all lots of prayers and thoughts

  • Eaglerose

Awesome, helpful update! I am glad to hear your pain levels are down so much and that you can definitely tell a difference. Yay for off that pain med! Thank you for the update!!!

Wow, you still have some pain, but you have come so very far. It is wonderful that you are off the Gabapentin and can do normal life things again. You are so right, this comes on so slowly that we don't really realize how much pain we were in until we get our energy back. Keep on getting better Eagle Rose. We are all pulling for you.

Yay!!! Sooooo excited for you to have that much relief already!!! It can only get better from here!!!

This gives me so much hope too!!! Thanks for posting :) :)