How many of you get these constant headaches. Its always in the back of my head but also sharp pains on the sides and top. I also get sharp jabs/pokes of pain here and there (sides and top) and it freaks me out. They go as fast as they come. They're different than the regular headache. Also neck tension/stiffness/pain. Is all of this ES? What are the sharp head pains? Nerves being damaged?

Yes I get the same thing it’s horrible I wish there was something you could take to get rid of the pain :frowning:

I will recommend seeing a dentist who is trained with headache management.

Eagle Syndrome is calcification/hardening of ligaments due to postural issues. They calcify as the person is stiff or strained and not "using them" as they are meant to be in fluid movement. That is the beginnings, having Eagle's then further perpetuate the problem.

The headaches are only part of it all because head-neck imbalances leading to posture issues, muscular tension are all linked! Features of the imbalances.

Lisa, the pain you are describing is referred pain. Neuralgia can occur due to these constrictions. You will be surprised what a neuromuscular/chirodontics dentist knows and how they can really help with this. The good ones know the connection and often work in tandem with a chiropractor/osetopath.

Hi Lisa,

I have not been cursed with the headaches, but as you've probably gathered it's common in ES patients.

My *guess* is that your neck/back stiffness and tension are from ES. I say this because I have the same thing. Movement is hard for me and I have all kinds of discouraging cognitive and neurological symptoms.

Keep on moving forward! Just curious, are you thinking about styloidectomy?