Hello! I'm New Here

I live in Wyoming it is a very beautiful place. I have only lived here about 3 years though.

I started having chronic throat problems 9 years ago. It took 9 years and me finding the bone starting to push in my throat to get a diagnosis that was correct. I have had 5 surgeries in the last 8 years. 3 of them being for nose and throat stuff that didn’t help much.

I will be going to a specialist in Billings MT to see about surgery, I just got the confirm on it being eagles last week.

Basically I have had chronic sore throats and nerve pain for those 9 years. I have been on amitriptyline for about 5 years for it but doctors never figured out what it was or ct scan my neck till last week.

I enjoy fishing and hunting on my days off from work.

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Hi, & welcome to the site!
You’re not alone with a long journey to get diagnosed, unfortunately many members have experienced this too.
Have you seen the list of doctors familar with ES in the Doctors Info Section? It’s probably worth checking if the doctor you’re going to see is familiar with ES to save another wasted trip, otherwise think about seeing someone from the list?
Hope that you do get on okay with your appt, & lwt us know how it goes! Best wishes!

Welcome! I’m new too, also starting to explore surgery. Please keep us posted!

You have came to the right place for advice! I wish you well and hope surgery for eagles can give you some relief. 9 Years is a long time to deal with this pain. Good luck to you.

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