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You have all been so kind and helpful. Im sorry to ask again. Im seeking reassurance i think. My sysymptoms started with swallowing feeling odd and numb/tingle tongue and psin underneath tongue. This rurned into a feeling of sometging stuck in my throat. Numb face and pulsating tinitus that feels electric behind my ear this goes along my jaw and down my neck into the sternocleidomastoid and my traps feel electric. Im being looked into for TOS also. I have numbness in my throat and this feels it continues into my oesophagus. The pallete of my mouth by my tonsil on lect feels strange and if i poke it my symptoms are worse ( i know…dont poke) My vagas nerve is clearly playing up also. The thing that scares me the most is my vision. Its just so blurry and out of focus…like my eyes feel like they are crossed. …the actual eye muscles feel strange. My eye orbit feels numb and the conjunctiva feels numb and squished like preasure. If i lay backwards my eyes feel worse. I wanted to ask of anyone had/has numbness and if there eyes felt numb/odd? Eg i see the tree but not the forest! I just cant focus. Im feeling so low and scared and tgis is NOT me. Im.a positive bubbly person. Im always grateful. Thank you

As you’ve read, there are 6 & maybe 7 cranial nerves that can be irritated by elongated styloids &/or calcified stylohyoid ligaments. These nerves are the
spinal accessory (cause of pain in SCM, traps, shoulders, neck),
facial nerve (affects muscles of facial expression - smiling, blinking, frowning, & beyond,
trigeminal (pain in teeth/eyes/headaches, throat, palate, ears, & sinus issues),
glossopharyngeal (pain in throat, tongue, palate, parotid glands, etc), hypoglossal (predominantly tongue), vagus (heart rate, bp, breathing, voice, gastrointestinal, throat, anxiety & much more),
Vestibulocochlear - tinnitus/hearing

The descriptions I’ve given of the areas each nerve can affect are not complete but just to give you an idea.

It seems you have several of these nerves that are angry & causing your symptoms. I’m so sorry they’re causing you so much anxiety & pain. I hope your symptoms calm down a bit so you can have a break from feeling so terrible. :hugs::pray:t3:


Some members have had vision problems, I can understand that you feel scared about this…the optic nerve can get compressed by raised Intracranial pressure, which can happen sometimes if the jugular veins are compressed with the styloids. So if you’ve not had your eyes checked it’s important to see the opticians for that, they can check the pressures for you to see if it’s increased, and see the optic nerve. I can’t remember if we’ve suggested this to you before, sorry if we have!
My eye pressure was okay, and so was the optic nerve (I had bilateral jugular compression), I did get very blurry vision at times which was worrying enough, so I can sympathise with you :hugs:


Hi @Jules
I went to specsavers. She was not overly worried except saying i now haveva stigmatised right eye and my prescription had again changed. Literally my eyes and around my eyes…eyelid…conjunctiva…muscles…all feel squeezed or numb or odd. My focus is awful…its like blury but also like i just dont see how i should. Im feeling super low. So fed up. My ear feels wlectric and the puse tinitus is horrible…my pallette of mouth i literally feel like i can feel my styliod…this is just miserable. I miss me. Im sorry ive repeted a lot of stuff. Grateful.

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I would ask your doctor to refer you to an eye specialist consultant for further tests/investigations. I do not think Specsavers/normal optician is enough. I’d find an opthomologist for tests while wait if you can. Make a note of eye pressures when visit & continue to do that. Take care. D


Do you have an eye casualty nearby? That’s where I go and they refer me to a free eye exam which is usually very thorough (better than opticians). Having said that, I have had several and all clear… I know you have the same sort of eye issues as me! I think mines caused by IJV compression and IIH.


Im on a wait list for eye clinic. I will be fair specsavers were super helpful in the mean time.


That’s good, hope you don’t have to wait too long! :hugs: