Help! Tonsillectomy? Anyone?

Has anyone had their tonsils removed since being diagnosed with ES ? I am having my tonsils removed in two days and I’m afraid it will cause more problems with the pain im already having in my throat/neck area due to ES. :frowning:

I had my tonsils removed just before my surgery it was procedure

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I hear ya. This coming Monday I go under the knife, and he has to remove that side of the tonsil to get to the styloid.. kinda dread it.

Hi sweetC

At first: It is difficult to say something as a non medical layperson!
My tonsils were removed before my ES diagnosis. At first I had swallowing issues. After the tonsillectomy the symptoms remain/got worse. Then I was diagnosed with ES (differential diagnosis).
It is different in every single case. So I would say your doctor SHOULD know about your ES and he knows the best for you.

Wait a minute…if u need ES surgery they will automatically remove the tonsils first. Are your tonsils in such bad shape that they don’t want to take care of both with one surgery?

Thx for your response guys. I appreciate it. Ivy, that is not necessary. At least not that I’ve experienced. I had surgery for ES on my right side. I’ve relocated since and haven’t found an experienced Dr to do the left side. My tonsils are being removed due to repeatedly catching strep. I wish they could do both surgeries at once but this doctor stated shes only done a couple of ES surgeries so thats not experienced enough for me!!!

Winterinmn-I feel you. Praying all goes well for you!

Thank you so very much. Really appreciate it.

Hi SweetC. I had two tonsillectomies prior to diagnosing ES. Personally, I believe the ES was making the tonsils worse. After the tonsillectomies the ES became much worse. In hindsight, had I known then what I know now, I would have had them done at the same time as the ES surgery. I would definitely go to an experienced surgeon - it is a very tricky area with the jugular vein and carotid artery so near, plus all the facial nerves. Are you having internal or external surgery for ES?