Tonsillectomy scheduled

I am scheduled to have a tonsillectomy January 12. My doctor thinks my symptoms are due to tonsils and not Eagles even though he did diagnose me with ES. It makes me a bit nervous reading others on here and their experience with symptoms getting worse after tonsillectomy if the ES is not addressed. Any thoughts on this? Or am I just nervous??

That's frustrating; if you had intra-oral surgery they would remove the tonsils anyway to access the styloid processes, so you're possibly going to have two operations instead of just one. Tonsillectomies are sometimes a cause of ES, because the scarring and inflammation post-op can sometimes lead to calcification, so if it is ES causing your symptoms, it's not likely to help. But surgery for ES does have risks of bleeding or nerve damage, so maybe he's just being cautious and not wanting to go straight in. I know quite a lot of US members have had second or third opinions before they make their minds up, but obviously that depends on insurance. Heidemt is putting the new list on today of doctors members have seen and so are familiar with ES, if you wanted to think about seeing someone else before you have this op, and getting another opinion.