Help with the scans (again)

Hello, hope everyone is doing good. I need help again please. Does anyone have Radiant Ditcom program on their computer (or any other 3D viewer), and will be able to help me? I previously posted about smaller horns of my hyoid being too long. Yesterday, I was looking at my CT scan in “Airview” 3D mode, and I noticed my airway seems very narrow (both anterior and side view, I am attaching pics). if you look (especially on the side), almost as if something is pushing on the throat there? I messaged ENT, and she said that since the images are not produced by the radiologist, she can’t help much but was nice enough to say that the narrowing is by my cricoid cartilage, and it is supposed to be at least 9 mm wide (ideally, close to 20mm —and mine is only 5 mm). I know it might not be Eagles related, and the doctor said I problaly have hyoid problem… I was wondering if any of you could please plug YOUR image in Airview mode, and see if your own airway appears much wider? Or maybe recall seeing your airway, and it appeared wider? Or any other input … I would appreciate it.

I know that’s a strange request and and a bit extra , but I’m so desperate at this point to not have been properly diagnosed, bounced around, and not told after 6 months and multiple tests what is causing my discomfort. As I mentioned on this site before, have pain in front when swallowing, and feeling of “bone” stuck in my thyroid, plus clicking. I attach images of normal (googled) airway and my (narrow) one. Also , anyone has any idea what other tests might be helpful ? I had video swallowing study where I ate food while swallowing, MRI, and CT. The only finding so far is that the food goes to right side of my throat. Thank you so much in advance

Wow, that is very narrow! I’m sorry I’m a total technophobe so can’t help you with the scan images, & not have I ever seen anything like that before! Have you googled to see if there are any conditions which affect the cricoid? Have you ever had any neck injuries. A shame that they didn’t comment about any causes of the swallow study results!
Hope someone can help you…

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Hi hopehope1,

I’m also in Jules’ boat as far as being a bit technologically “backwoods”. It does seem that your airway situation would be worth pursuing. Do you have any trouble breathing? That area is a fair bit below the hyoid bone, & since ES is above the hyoid, there is most likely no relationship between the two. I would still recommend, if it’s at all possible for you to get an opinion regarding your ES diagnosis & CT scan from Dr. Samji or Cognetti via a phone appointment, that might be really helpful for you.

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Thank you Jules and Isaiah, I appreciate your replies!