Hepw/calcified ligaments

Hi everyone. Has any one been treated for VES by Hepw and would mind sharing how he addresses calcified ligaments? . I dont have partiicular long styloids but do have calcified ligaments and would like to have that info from someone that had surgery with him in a similar situation or knows what he does . Ignorant if the styloids, or styloid+ ligaments get away or how is that treated?Thank you in advance.

Hi! I had surgery in 2021 with Dr Hepworth and he does address the calcified ligament. His method back then was to remove the styloid, then have a vascular surgeon do a venogram during surgery to make sure the jugular is fully opened. If it doesn’t open the vascular surgeon will balloon it. In my case, it was not opened and was blocked down my neck by scar tissue in my omohyoid muscle. He removed the scar tissue and I’m doing very well now. In my opinion there is almost no one better to see for vascular ES than Dr Hepworth. He is very thorough and making major breakthroughs on this painful condition. I consider my surgery a full success and my symptoms are 99 percent gone.

thank you for your reply. im jsut very worried that i woul dget worse after surgery my symptoms ar every atypical and more leaning towards glosopharyngeal so dont want to jump into surgery right away but also did the jugular us that showed abnormsl velocities( i checked w other vascular surgeons and they were not concerned) but i know hes the specialist.also i have a lot of gi issues and most of my sumprpms are grinding in my thriat and burning in roof of mouth bedides now im getting mpre pressure prolly intercranial and he mentioned to try brillinta which is a bloo dthinner ans im afraid too as well, im a wimp
im unsure if should prpbably get a ctv cta and or mri ruling out a nerve issue first
anyhow thank you so much for your reply. did he removed the calcified ligamsnts as well , my styloids arent that long . i dont know if you have heard that his office is a mess now , so theres that too but oh well thank you!! maybe i can try the blood thinners for a week :wink:

The blood thinner did help me a lot! It reduced my pain and symptoms and helped me know surgery was right for me. It’s relatively low risk and my only side effect was more bruising. If it doesn’t help you you can always stop it. From what I understand yes he did remove my calcified ligament. I questioned surgery as well and was hesitant to go that route, but I feel a lot better. You can search my name to read more of my story. Good luck!! I hope you get some relief.

Thank you. I hope you continue being healthy, this is such a weird condition. Might try them, perhaps I can start taking them once a day instead of twice. Did you also have your other side removed or only were symptomatic one sided? Will read your journey on the blog

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Fortunately I only had symptoms on my right side and my left side seems to be ok. I would take the blood thinners as prescribed to see if they work first. I was on plavix not brillinta but seems he’s using that one more often now and I’m sure he has a good reason.