Has anyone gone to a hospital for there symptoms or problems as mine is that bad I’m really thinking about one as I can’t do it no more it’s driving me crazy!! If you have was the hospital at all helpfull if so what was done???

I went to the ER once and they did nothing for me. I tried telling them about eagles and they didn't seem to believe me. They ended up telling me I was dehydrated. It was worthless.

I went to the ER because I couldn't swallow it hurt so bad and had a constant sharp stabbing pain in my ear. They took a CT scan with the dye and consulted with an ENT Dr that was on call. He dx it right away that it was ES. That was the first time I had ever heard of ES. The next day I went to see the ENT Dr at his office. We decided to go with pain meds first to see if that would help before surgery. I went to the pain clinic where they did a nerve block and steroid shots. So far It has helped. I still get a little pain in my ear and my neck, but not that bad.

I have not went to the er but i know how you deal because i wanted to also but figured they just run a bunch of test that i already had and do nothing. When i first had the pain i went to an after hour ugant care they just put me on antibiotic and steroids said it viral infection. Later it was my family Dr that sent me for contrast ct and immediately got the diagnoses and the nice good luck there no Drs around by me that know anything about this.

Usually emergency rooms will just treat your symptoms and send you on your way while telling you to seek follow up attention with your general doctor. Then you get a huge bill.

Emergency rooms don't typically diagnose rare disorders, but that's not to say you couldn't get lucky. If you are having severe problems than please seek medical care to try and get at least some medicinal relief. ((((Hugs))))

I went to my doctor, dentist, and walk in clinics to no avail. An ENT with a CT scan caught my ES.