How long to wait before 2nd surgery

How long do you have to wait before you have the 2nd surgery? Do you have to wait until the symptoms on the first surgery side completely gone?

My son had surgery on the right side about 5 weeks ago. His symptoms does get better (30% better) but the left side ear pain gets worse. On his left side the styloid process is not long (<1cm) but ligament is calcified. We do not know if the calcified ligament causes his ear pain, when we can consider to have the 2nd surgery.

Span between surgeries depends on your surgeon. My surgeon would do them no closer than 6 months apart. Others on here have had bilateral surgeries done and got everything overwith at once. You should talk to the surgeon and see what he suggests. Your decision should also be based on how your son is feeling and at what point he is ready to go "under the knife" again.

The surgeon who did mine wanted me to wait a few months too.