How long was your Styloid surgury? Scared now!

So my doctor seemed very knowledgable and very confident about the surgury. Saying only around 20 min external way. Well I got talking to ppl on Facebook and they said I should be concerned if my doctor only took 20 min as it took 3 hours for some. Now I’m terrified!!! It’s by my artery and nerves etc… Maybe it shoukd take longer!!! Or more experience confident doctors take less time?! So scared now

I think the doctor gave an estimate, but he will do whatever he has to do once he gets in there and sees what's going on. The fact that he's had experience doing the surgery is a huge plus, so it's a positive that he is familiar with the area and the various nerves, arteries, etc. I think the doctor will take as much time as he needs too. If it's a relatively simple case, it will go somewhat quicker and he may just think your case is not a complicated one. But if it turns out to be more complicated, I'm sure he will take whatever time he needs to. Maybe if this is a concern for you, you could ask the doctor about it next time you see him so that he can give you some comfort.

Mine took about an hour, and was compressing the jugular. Maybe your doctor was trying not to worry you! Your doctor's experienced, so try to focus on that! There was a link someone posted a while ago to a clip on youtube showing the surgery, and it was very quick, I'll try to find the link if you're interested!

Have you got a date yet for your surgery? Let us know when you have.

The next time I see him is in the operating room lol. No date set yet still on the waiting list. Been waiting 2 months now and said between 4-5 month wait

We might end up around the same time then- my second surgery will hopefully be in April!

Kelx, you chose your surgeon carefully, so just let him do what you know he does well! I wouldn't let what the people on FB say get you too wound up. The difference in time estimates might be a case of his telling you that trimming the styloid takes him 20 minutes. But there are all kinds of other things that have to happen before he actually gets in to do that. Then there will be closing the wound, which will be done very very carefully to minimize scarring. So when he says twenty minutes ... my guess is that, beginning to end, the surgery will take longer than that.

Congratulations on finding a good surgeon close to home! Best of luck with the surgery and your recovery.


My son's first surgeries averaged about 3 hours each but that included anesthesia and prep, external entrance through the neck, and being stitched up at the end. Recovery afterwards was another hour or so. If you need clarification on anything, you have a right to call your doctor's office and ask for it. Perhaps he/she has a PA or a nurse who can walk you through the process to make you more comfortable.

I found several videos of surgery on youtube, but if you're squeamish then it's not a good idea, but it doesn't take very long to take out the styloid! here's a link if you do want to!

Ya I had seen a couple videos a couple months ago, seemed like 5 min too take it out lol. I should call my doctor on Monday and see if he will call me or might have to make another appointment. I don’t know he might think I’m crazy paranoid lol. But I am!

Mine was about cca 1,5 hour with premedication. Extra oral. My doctor wanted to do intraoral surgery and he was trying to find good position to have enough space but after some tries he decided to do extra oral. He was trying avoid scar but in the end it was important to do surgery as best as he can. When I woke up, he told me that and I was ok with that.
So, all I wanted to say is that surgery doesn’t last too long.