How to get a referral for surgery from your GP/ENT?

Hey all, how did you first approach getting help/surgery for Eagles? Did your GP refer you to an ENT or did you come up with a list of ENTs when you went to your GP? Please let me know!

When my OBGYN told me she thought the lump I felt under my chin was calcified & not an infected/irritated salivary gland, she suggested I see an ENT. I didn’t need a referral. I just went to an ENT I’d seen previously. I was very fortunate that he was familiar w/ ES & tentatively diagnosed me immediately then sent me for a CT scan to confirm.

Whether you need a referral will depend on your medical insurance. I had a PPO at the time so could pick & choose my doctors w/o need for a referral.

Unless you have an HMO that requires a gp referral I’d just make an appt with one of the doctors from this site who is closest to you.

Sounds good, I do have a PPO. Only thing is a high deductible. Thinking if I should wait till January

Yep PPO here, thanks I’m gonna try to reach out to a specialist


Depends on how much pain you are in if you want to wait until 2022 re: deductible. Alot of specialist are backed up for several months. Many want CT scan before booking appointments. I had my PCP order CT scan of neck without contrast to evaluate for Eagles.

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