Need Doctor recommendations

I’m looking for an Eagle’s surgeon, one that does the surgery ideally several times a month, who will see me virtually without a ct already done. Any ideas?

I have a dental xray and symptoms that have me very suspicious of Eagles, but I’m having trouble finding an ent to order a ct. I was hoping to get the ct done locally and then schedule a consult with Samji. However, getting the ct has been difficult. I’m wondering if there’s another Eagles guru that will see me without a ct and then order it for me.

Dr Cognetti in PA does phone consults, but not sure if he’d do that without a CT.
Have you checked out the doctors list for any other doctors in your area who might be willing to order a CT? Here’s a link to the list in case, although I’m sure you have:
Doctor Lists – no discussion - Symptoms and Treatments / Doctor Information - Living with Eagle
There’s info about advocating for yourself on the site too, not sure if it’ll be helpful for you to argue your case for a CT, but worth a read, here’s a link:
Latest Patient Self Advocacy/How to Self-advocate and Be Heard topics - Living with Eagle
Not sure of the system in the US; can your PCP not request one for you? Or otherwise would your dentist be at all helpful in referring you to someone?
Hopefully others might know of doctors who do virtual appts, thinking of you and hope that you get somewhere soon, those styloids are definitely worth investigating!

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I’m pretty sure I could see one of the doctors on the list that is in my area to get the ct. I just know I wouldn’t pursue surgery with him. I guess I could use him for that next step and another opinion.


Yes, that’s a good idea, other members have done that if they don’t feel that the doctor they’ve seen is experienced enough for surgery. Hoping they can help!

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