I am worried a lot

I was diagnosed with eagle syndrome two years ago and after that I started feeling burning on my tongue and the constant change in the color of the tongue in addition, in these months, I had several times inflamination of the lips cornerd . Is inflammation of the lips corners related to eagle syndrome?
I am very worried about inflammation of the lips corners

HI Zana,
Ive heard about issues with tongue and others on list whom experience that will hopefully respond. I personally have this inflammation in the corners of my mouth but it is due to aging and Ehlers Danlos (EDS) loose skin and ligaments w/ collagen defect. Ive had it checked out recently by several plastic surgeons as I started drooling out of the corners of my mouth due to this sagging (also had some weight loss too). The general opinion was that saliva coming in contact and me wiping it constantly was causing the irritation and it was a “yeast” type skin condition int he corners of my mouth. I was prescribed a topical nystatin cream. You may want to see a dermatologist.
I’m not sure who diagnosed you and what your plan to possibly treat and/or manage your eagles. You may want to get back with the diagnosing doc about the tongue issues.

Thank you very match

The burning mouth has been mentioned quite a bit- it could be down to nerves, so could be helped by some of the nerve pain medications (Like Amitriptyline, Gabapentine, info in the Newbies Guide Section), and also a solution of bicarbonate of soda diluted in water.
Not sure about the inflammation in the corners of your mouth- I’ve not heard of that before. As Snapple says, there can be excessive saliva which could be making you sore- some members have found this with ES- or possibly the opposite, a dry mouth & lips making them sore. Certainly worth getting checked out as Snapple says in case you have a yeast infection.

Hi zana,

The facial nerve is often one of the nerves that gets irritated by ES. It is the nerve that allows facial expressions. If you don’t have a dermatologic problem like Snapple2020’s, it may be the swelling is related to an irritated facial nerve. I suggest this because we have several members w/ swollen neck muscles as a result of an irritated accessory nerve which is another cranial nerve affected by ES. If you have ES surgery to remove your elongated styloid(s), you may notice many of your symptoms disappear.

It’s still important to follow up w/ your doctor as Jules & Snapple2020 have mentioned.