Dry mouth and tongue burning

How are you honey? I suffer from heartburn in the middle of my tongue and my tongue has changed to yellowish brown for two months. I have been diagnosed with eagle syndrome after suffering pain on one side of the neck, throat and jaw. I want to ask about the dry mouth and change the color of the tongue and burning tongue. Is it a symptom of Eagle syndrome?

Zana, I’ve moved this to a discussion so that anyone else can read it & answer.
There have been a few members who’ve had Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) & ES, whether it is a coincidence or caused by the ES we don’t know, I know one of the members I’m thinking of hadn’t had surgery & hasn’t been on for a long time so can’t say if it was ever resolved. I would think that as it’s to do with nerves problems it could possible be a symptom of ES.
Again, dry mouth is the same, there have been a few members (& myself )who’ve had this, but whether it’s down to ES or something else we’re not sure! I think mine is a symptoms of Sjogrens Syndrome, but I had symptoms at the same time as the ES symptoms, so who knows if they’re connected!
Personally, I think that all the inflammation the elongated styloids cause could possible have triggered an autoimmune disease, but I’m not a doctor!
I’ve not heard of anyone having their tongue change colour though; what has your doctor said about that?
In the Newbies Guide section we have info about symptoms & what might cause them, so you could have a read though to see if there are any other symptoms you have of ES which maybe you didn’t realise were connected.

i had Pain at the beginning of the back of the ear and under the jaw and neck and I felt itching at the top of the mouth on the right side I went to many doctors, some told me that you have a sore throat

Some doctors said the cause of the symptoms was due to the teeth, and they sent me to the dentists

The dentist removed the wisdom tooth but without any benefit

Then he went to another doctor after listening to my story sent me to the radiology department to visualize the area

After filming the face and neck, the doctor looked at her and told me that you have bone elongation on the tonsils on the right side and told me only that the only treatment is surgery

He told me it was not dangerous but that in winter the pain would increase

But during that period when I visited the doctors were doctors give me anti-inflammatory tablets and others in that period changed the color of my tongue to dark brown and felt severe pain in my tongue and then appeared pain gradually diminishes and my tongue seems to turn to its natural color

But I still feel a little burning in the middle of the tongue and the color of the yellowish brown in the middle of the tongue

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Hi zana,

As Jules said, your symptoms (except your tongue discoloration) have been possibly been linked to ES. From what you said, it sounds like your tongue discoloration came from the anti-inflammatory medication you took. If you have stopped taking that medicine & see your tongue returning to normal color, then I would conclude it was the tablets causing that problem. It can take some time for medication to get out of your body & side effects of medications to resolve. That could in part be why you still have some discoloration & burning. Burning could also be a symptom of ES or something else. It’s kind of a vicious circle.

Your doctor was correct about surgery. It is the only real “cure” for Eagle Syndrome. There are therapies that can be tried to help with the symptoms if you choose not to have surgery. Among those are lidocaine or cortisone injections in your neck near the site of the styloid process. These can help from a few days to a few months. Physical therapy or chiropractic work are other options but you have to be cautious in working w/ that part of your neck.

There are 2 surgical approaches used for ES - the intraoral & external (transcervical). I myself am a fan of the external approach because the styloid & stylohyoid ligament can be more completely removed & the nerves can be monitored during surgery so they suffer the least possible amount of irritation. The intraoral approach is done through the throat & the styloid can only be shortened but not completely removed. This approach has, however, been successful for a number of people on this forum. Please check with your doctor to see which type of surgery he would do if you elect to have your styloid removed.

I hope this information is helpful.

Which showed that the eagle syndrome has no fixed symptoms that vary according to the location of the bone elongation

I never thought about it that way, but there is truth to that. There are symptoms common to ES - sore throat, feeling like there is something stuck in the throat; ear pain, tinnitus, jaw pain, increased TMJ symptoms, migraines, neck pain…not everyone has all those symptoms but often several are present in addition to other odd symptoms such as the ones you’re experiencing.
You can check the Newbies Guide for a more complete list of symptoms caused by ES.