I got 'The call"!

At 7pm tonight, Dr. Cognetti called me! He was as great as all of you said. I will be making an appointment tomorrow and he feels he can see me before the end of the year!

Thanks everyone for your support as I waited for this call. :)

How AWESOME Kitty! I'm so happy for you! I And also so happy to hear how great he was to you on the phone as well!! He will definitely be my to go to guy, when I'm ready. It's all up hill from here!! Please keep me posted about your journey.Sounds like 2 Marylander's will be having surgery by Dr. Cognetti in Dec.& feeling better in the New Year!! :)

Thanks tbone-

December will be for the appointment to discuss things further. My prior neck surgeries will make possible surgery more difficult, as I have almost no side to side range of motion in my head and neck.

This is wonderful Kitty! So glad that he has been able to help you, and thankful that this forum exists so his name is available and that he would call you and speak with you, huge, as we know! ALL GREAT!

Oh I didn't realize Kitty, so your December appointment is more of a face to face consult, whether he will take your case on for surgery. Oh my, more of a waiting game. I truly hope he can help & he will be able to do the surgery for you.

That is great news!

After looking for physicians to treat me, I quickly ruled him out after my wife commented on how good looking he was on his profile page..........lol.

I hear he is great surgeon and you will be in great hands!!! Best of luck


Great news! haha Todd that made me laugh- because I thought the same thing with his pic!

Todd- That is very funny! I don't mind looking at his profile pic either... ;)

tbone- Yes, pretty much, but I am not too worried. I think it will work out.

Hi Kitty,

Yay!!!! So excited for you!!!! It will all work out for the best :)

Thank you, Lailei!