I have a surgery date after 10 years of opinions!

Hi all-with all the experience here, now I need advise and suggestions. I'm having it intraoral and will have my left tonsil removed to get at it.

What do I eat?


Pain from both since I've heard adult tonsillectomy is really painful.

Time off for recovery?

Any thing any body has to ask surgeon is greatly welcome.

I've been invited to the scientology anniversary down the street=I might go to have some fun-its at the end of the month an a big event-no I'm not a member but the food is great.

I think they let you come to appease for the weekend of noise and street closures.

nice place to recover-I live to the left.

I'm very happy you finally have a surgery scheduled. I hope you have a better outcome with an intraoral procedure than I did. So I think my question for your surgeon would be why are they doing an intraoral procedure when quite a few patients still have problems after one? Will they be willing to redo it externally if you still have problems down the road? From what I understand, some of the most experienced doctors think you can't get enough of the styloid out with an intraoral approach.

Best of luck to you. You've sure been through an ordeal and deserve some relief.

Wow Shaw! Nice castle to relax and recover at. I sent you a message going over some of your questions. I think I will post a discussion on "Bad Medicine" just to inform readers about the possibility of getting sick from medical treatment. Will be in touch later. Take care, my friend.

Hi Heidemt; yes that is what I was always told since my first in 1990-the successful one on the right. The 2 failed ones on the left were done extraorally and if done right the first time might have been great, probably. The second one only took out 2 cm of the 3.5 he needed to-I could have done that. But I keloid very extensively and now I have a lot of scar tissue and all my doctors said that would be an issue-I have been told once they cut me open through the neck there might be such scar tissue intertwined with tissue it might be a problem. So these 2 doctors, the one at UCLA and cedars have discussed it and agreed through the mouth is best this time. So I've listened to their opinions and will let them do this-I wish they could go through the neck but the past procedures have made that more difficult. From my CT's and their explanation I think they know what they are doing. I ask a lot of questions due to previous f-ups so they know I know what mistakes are. I just hope they know what to do, their history shows they do but the 1990 doctor that did the best job also did left #1 and removed my hyoid bone in 2002 by mistake so it still is a crap shoot no matter what and I've been told by many doctors in the past 10 years that if they were going to do it, which they weren't, it would be through the mouth.

I've rolled this over a lot too and meet again on Monday so I might move to next doctor if not happy-but I'm ok with it now. Redoing it would be procedure #4 on the left alone!

Thanks for the good luck wishes.


Shawn, the rationale for the introral procedure seems to make sense. It sure does seem like a crapshoot sometimes. I've got my fingers crossed that you can finally get this mess behind you.

Thank you for your encouragement-it is a crapshoot with the emphasis on crap. But this doctor has done it before, answered my questions, explained his reasoning for intraoral, discussed my case with my UCLA doctor who was going to do it until my insurance pulled me back to Cedars, is having a vascular surgeon assist him in "case the shit hits the fan" (his term not mine). I think he has done all he can do to prepare for this. But as I said it happened this way before and look how it turned out. The only choice I have is to find a new doctor or quit looking-after 10 years I decided to look again so this is what I wanted to happen and I need to accept it. I did kind of stumble when he said we'll take it out-after 10 years of no I heard yes and now am hedging. So I will go forward as of today and see how my pre op visit goes next week and go forward from there or dump him and go to UCLA. I just fired a lawyer and replaced him so I'm on a roll.

I don't even go to vegas! but I gamble it seems.

thanks again, shawn