I have symptoms of vein compression… Have MRA from ER visit if those with exp can have a look

I ended up in the ER several weeks ago with severe pain in my head, occipital area, pressure internally and externally on my head…

They did perform an MRI of my brain and an MRA of my neck, as well as a CT of my brain. All was negative according to them. My concern is that the MRA of course was done lying flat on my back… and if I do have compression upon moving my neck, would anything have shown with this MRA?

Ideally if certain head positions do bring on symptoms then a CT with contrast should be done with the head in that position…do you notice the symptoms worse with head turning etc?

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Very good, thank you. I do have exacerbation of symptoms in certain positions. Hoping to see a Neruo Vascular dr here…feeling better about all issues being addressed. And he is one from the forum’s list … Dr. Rishi Gupta, so grateful for the resources; literally invaluable and possible lifesaving!