I need help finding doctors in Norway

I’m currently waiting on an appointment with dr. Stenwig Li in Oslo, but there’s a 6 month wait to see him. I’m wondering if there’s anyone from Norway who’s gotten a diagnosis from a private doctor in the Oslo area. The other Norwegian doctor who’s listed on the forum is very far away and I would think the wait would be similar as he also works at a public hospital. I don’t think it would be worth going to a random ENT with my scans and symptoms if they don’t have knowledge of ES. My scans show both SP at 3cm but the right one is segmented. The symptoms are quite bad and waiting 6 months for an appointment is not ideal.

It’s a long wait- very similar to the UK!
I’ll put in a link to a discussion by one of our members- Norway- who mentions the Oslo doctor:
ES and voice problems - General - Living with Eagle
I can’t remember if Norway ever had surgery, but you could try sending them a private message to see how they got on. ( To send a pm, you click o the person’s avatar & the option to send a message will come up)
Good doctors to try are Skull Base surgeons/ Otolaryngologists, or Head and Neck cancer surgeons, as they operate in the same area as the styloids. It might be worth looking for one of those surgeons privately if you can, & tinging to see if they’d treat ES?
Good luck!

Hi Jules,
Thank you for this information. I’ll contact Norway and look into the different types of surgeons you mentioned

@Mossy - Another thing we suggest is putting your name on a cancellation list if the doctor’s office keeps one as we have had some members whose appointments have been moved up considerably that way. Finding someone in a different specialty but who works in the same area of the body as an ENT is also a great option as Jules suggested.

Thank you Isaiah. I’ve already contacted them and been put on the list. Hopefully that will speed things up a bit. In the meantime I’ll look into different specialists who might know about ES.