Ice Machine Recommendation

HI - my ES surgery is set for July 16th with Dr Samji. Looking for suggestions on icing using a machine - all the machines i found have back or shoulder or knee pads that attach. Anyone find alternative or just a recommendation on a brand of covered ice pack made for neck? I bought a migraine ice hat online but it hasn’t arrived yet - can be used around the neck too. Thanks in advance.

Any covered ice pack that is size appropriate will work. I bought mine at Walgreen’s. The covered gel ice packs are nice because they’re flexible when frozen & will bend to fit the contour of your neck. Even w/ a covered ice pack, the recommendation is to still put a thin towel or cloth between your skin & the ice pack. I recently bought a couple of ice packs on Amazon that have covers w/ velcro straps to hold them in place. One has a long enough strap I can put it around my waist to ice my lower back while I’m keeping busy rather than having to sit or lie still to hold it in place. The other is smaller & great for ankle, elbow, knee, hand, or foot. I can supply the Amazon links for these if you’re interested.

Thanks much Wendy - i gave up on the machine idea and ordered some of the type you mentioned from Amazon too. I already have so many ice packs and covers i ordered one that’s actually a migraine soft cuff with ice pack inserts for neck so I can walk around and ice after initial surgery. Hope to see you soon.

I found a gel pack at Walmart that’s rectangle with a cover with velcro ends so you can wrap it around your neck or wrist and then velcro it place (sorta, you know what I mean). The really nifty thing about it is you can also microwave it for a heat pack! It was in the pharmacy area by the ace bandages.