My Post op, 2 weeks

I had my first surgery August 29th. I have felt great for the most part, the surgery has definitely improved my quality of life. Dr. Samji and his nurse Kim are amazing, special people.
My only thing I regrets are:
1.) I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get the surgery. I was afraid of it because its surgery. I thought Id be in more pain than I am. Its been very well controlled.
2.) I wish Id bought my wedge pillow sooner and more ice packs. Ice is definitely your best friend, its better than the pain meds. I also just found this on Amazon and going to order it today. Wish I would have found it sooner. Here is the name of it

Ice Bandana Pink by Icy Cools .

Im hoping to go back in December to get my left side done. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me or ask me on here. I don’t mind answering any. As I remember I had a ton of questions before considering surgery. :slight_smile:


heya, thrilled to hear such positives from surgery, I am looking at getting my first in October.

when you say wedge pillow, can you please describe that that is or give a link to the type you have found most useful?

I am going to be across country for the surgery and want to know what things are gonna make me comfy whilst recovering and waiting for stitches to come out.

In full agreement about ice packs. I have made a whole series of wraps with pockets for soft frozen ice packs as I have EDS as well so need ice on so many parts of the body each day. Will be taking my neck wrap and head wrap ones.

Della, Aus

If you put wedge pillow in health and personal care on somewhere like amazon, it will come up with lots of different price range options. I was given one by someone who’d used one for a different operation- this is the sort of thing:®-WEDGE-WASHABLE-QUILTED-COTTON/dp/B00H80HBEI/ref=sr_1_6_s_it?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1473579244&sr=1-6&keywords=wedge+pillow
and then you can put more pillows on top to make it more comfy and the best fit for you.
I found a V shaped pillow has been great- again I’m not sure of the make I got, but here’s a link to a similar one I got:
These are great too as they take the pressure off the sides of your neck, which was where I got my worst pain pre-surgery, and if you’re having external surgery it helps too.