If it's ES you can't turn the neck? Follow up tomorrow, please help :)

Hi there, new dr I saw last week said again “definitely not ES, because it it was I would not be able to even turn my neck the way that I can,” which is basically normally. I am doubting this. Any thoughts?


Hello there! Wow! I will preface this with the statement that I, in no way, mean disrespect to any medical professional; however, I had a case of RAGING Eagles bilaterally and had normal range of motion in my neck. Any doctor that could state that, in my opinion (and it's just my opinion) needs to be properly schooled in ES! And your doubting this is completely natural and should be taken into full account! It's your body and your symptoms and YOUR PAIN!!!!!! And depending on your location (as I haven't viewed your profile yet because I wanted to get this message to you ASAP) I believe and I think many other members would probably back me on this - you owe it to yourself to get a second opinion and a doctor more educated on Eagles Syndrome and more sympathetic to your needs as a human being. This syndrome is so complicated and so very rare and you deserve the best care possible because you are most certainly worth it Julie. You've come so far in identifying what is wrong and from here out, you need only the best of the best :) But for now, you need to work with what you do have. Be strong and don't let someone talk you out of what you know is right. It is your body.

Amy Blue hang in there. Bravo on Julie’s coment!

AmyBlue is right on. I had no issue with range of motion and left side is very calcified. I was able to turn my head in both directions with no problem and no pain. Many patients do have pain turning their head and even dizziness. It all depends on what path the styloid and stylohyoid take within your body. But it is not a determining factor for Eagles. There are many and varied symptoms.

Hello….I have bilateral eagle syndrome having the left side operated. I could always move my head having good range of motion but the muscles in my neck, back pecks were all in contraction. What I do feel is a poke in my neck still from the right side and my face pain will start if I turn my head too much.

Good Luck

I have hypermobile joints, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3. Definitely get a second opinion from another ES surgeon. I was able to hyper extend my neck. I would flare up with pain and spasms, especially when I tried multipe attempts with different physical therapists over the past 6.5 years. i would have to quit after 2 weeks cause I was in crushing pain (face-skull-neck-shoulder&blade, chest, axillary). Now, it makes sense why!!.. I had ice picks from my skull messing so many nerves and blood vessels. Even if you have to mail your images to one of the docs on here under doctors list. I went out of my state to have both taken out. It was the best decision for me. Good luck and best wishes!

thanks so much, I have an appt with a recommended dr in NYC, Dr. Marc Cohen, will let everyone know how it goes :)


How was the appointment with Dr. Marc Cohen?

Hi Katie, my appt is on Monday so I’ll definitely let you know how it goes :slight_smile:
Have you made an appt with him?