Need help ! Opinions appreciated

I had my appointment with Dr. Hernandez today . let me start by saying that I liked him and I felt he really was trying to help . He ultimately said that my styloids did not appear to be elongated or calcified and he was unable to make an eagles syndrome diagnosis. He suggested a brain scan for a potential tear . I’ve already had a brain scan by neurologist and my brain was normal . I told him that he said he wanted to do another . I expressed that my symptoms were aggravated from looking down and having my neck turn in certain positions . He also said my neck could be the cause . He seemed sure it was not Es but I’m not sold at all . I know this if it’s not Es the same nerves are being affected ! My symptoms are as follows … when I look down or move my neck are jaw in various positions. dizziness, trigeminal, occipital nerve irritation. My ears can ring, My ear tissue can hurt , my tongue goes numb , headache , jaw tender, shoulders and hand shooting pain or tightness, left side of my forehead gets numb and tingly, brain fog with anxiety . These symptoms vary as it is according to how aggravated the nerves are . I stopped performing 4 weeks ago and thing are calmed some. For a test I played and sang 5 songs today for the first time in 4 weeks and my symptoms were clearly starting to ramp up . ultimately he feels my styloids are normal ? I would appreciate any opinions and feedback! thank you

I don’t remember if I saw your pictures, but… Don’t discount neck problems too. Cervical hernias/degraded discs can be extremely tough thing to deal with.

Something to remember is that every doctor familiar w/ ES seems to have a slightly different opinion/definition of what ES “looks like” both visually & from a symptoms point of view. One thing many doctors don’t consider is that a normal or slightly elongated styloid that’s very angled, thick, twisty or pointed can also cause ES symptoms. Depending on what your CT scan shows, that argument can also be made.

The symptoms you have can also be caused by Hyoid Bone Syndrome which occurs when the greater horns of the hyoid bone elongate back toward the cervical spine. It’s more rare than ES but would be visible on your CT scan & should have been noted by the radiologist if that problem was present.

Getting Dr. Ness’s opinion should be helpful.


I’m curious why ES was discounted…i.e. lack of blood flow issues on a sonogram?