I'm back again desperate. Health has been gradually destroyed since developing swallowing issues. Wondering who would be worth seeing next?

Hi all, I’ve posted here several times previously regarding swallowing issues, restriction of the movement of the throat cartilages when swallowing and clicking in the throat. I’ve seen several ENT consultants / laryngologists in the UK, all of whom have somewhat acknowledged the clicking in the throat from physical examination but then gone on to say they can’t see anything on my scans so have no target to treat. They eventually try and imply it’s all normal after acknowledging when I first seem them, my swallow is not normal, but I get food down ok, and that’s all they seem to care about.

My general health since developing the swallowing issue has gone downhill. I developed an issue with ongoing thirst and dehydration, POTS, thyroid issues, ME/CFS and many more down stream issues. No one can find a definitive cause for my health issues and I am beginning to suspect they all them from whatever is going on in my neck. Possibly vegus nerve issues, or compression of arteries/veins, or something similar to these people with tethered core and CCI. Although I don’t think I have either of those specifically. I don’t have Eagles either by the looks of it from my scans but something definitely going on in the back of throat/upper cervical area.

Is there ANYONE in the UK that actually cares about finding a solution for patients rather than box ticking that you can swallow and breath and then fobbing you off? I’ve seen Prof Birchall, Prof Sandhu, Mr Ghufoor, all supposedly top laryngologists in the UK. They’ve offered no help. I’ve seen several ENTs locally in Gloucestershire.

I don’t feel any have really sat with me and attempted to establish what’s getting stuck/caught in my throat when swallowing and how we might be able to fix the misalignment/abnormality. Can anyone recommend anyone competent in the UK who would take this on and try and find a solution? Dr Axon etc are not appropriate by the sounds of it when I contacted them as my issue is more back of throat than base of skull.

I’d say it sounds like a bunch of spasmed/hypertrophied muscles around the cervical spine, larynx, clavicles, first ribs… So as a result swallowing isn’t properly letting the thyroid cartilage, hyoid, etc easily “slip down” due to the limited space and the clicking might be friction between thyroid, etc and the larynx.

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Yeah, problem is, what can I do about it?

So sorry that you’re having so many issues @Callmestar1, and have never been able to get any answers. I wish I could offer some solutions! Thinking of you, & sending you a virtual hug :hugs: :pray:

Muscles might be retrained, but it’s a slow and bothersome process, like with any other muscles.
Are you able to see some good neck physiotherapist? What do they say, do they think the problem is muscular?

Also, if you had a CT scan, try to identify possibly affected muscles on the images.

@Callmestar1 - Did you ever post your CT images on this forum? If not, we have several very knowledgeable members who are good at reading CT scans & could give opinions. It seems like every doctor has a different idea of what constitutes ES & what doesn’t which is confusing for patients.

Remember, that the styloids don’t have to be elongated to cause problems/ES symptoms. Very thick, pointed, angled, or twisted styloids that are normal length can also be a problem as can calcified stylohyoid ligaments that are not attached to the styloid process. Some members have found their hyoid bones have longer than normal greater horns which also produces the same types of symptoms as ES.