Im Mike newly diagnosed w ES,

I sneezed and heard and felt a pop in my throat and my throat closed… I went to ER got a CT scan and found out i have ES.

Mike, so how are you feeling now? Do you have a doctor you can talk to about the condition? Was the pop you felt the styloid breaking?

Styloid breakin are you serious… ?
I dont have a Dr just my General Dr, it feels like a toothpick is stabbing the base of my skull…

Shalom Mike, I am so sorry that you are in pain. I too was in allot of pain prior to being diagnosed with ES back in 2004. My life completely changed, after the surgery. I had been to
so many physicians and at the time I lived in Houston, TX. Major medical center and they could
not diagnose me. I moved to Oklahoma City and ended up going to OU Medical and it was there that I finally was diagnosed and had my surgery. Occasionally, I sometimes get a feeling
on my right side, but it has not come back, for the most part. Last month I saw an ENT and he
was all ready to send me down a “rabbit” hole, again. I think I will stick with the physician who
finally diagnosed me. Only thing, my insurance is not in network with OU.

For now, I have other health issues to deal with. I have lost taste in my tongue and my salivation has increase. From what I have heard…this is something having to do with ES. Last week I did see a dentist for a cavity and he was very supportive about the ES. He even
called me at home to see what he could do to make me more comfortable. I was impressed!

It all went well for me. Hopefully you will get some relief soon. Life is miserable with this “devil” I call ES.

Shalom yes, wow you scare me…

Hiya mike hope ur feeling better day by day
when I was told of ES in july my ent check 4 changes in back of throat…there was none. However since sept ive felt n looking at what appears 2 b a growth. Yup left side behind the tongue. Does anyone knos if it wil continue 2 grow.
also when I sneeze a pain hit all d way 2 my neck and head. Should I b worried

No-one knows if it will carry on growing… can you get back in to see your ENT and get them to check the lump you feel?

Matter of fact am having my gp assign a new ent 4 second opinion… since he had given up on me after I wasnt able to tolerate the various pain meds he had prescribed. So his recommendation was a sleep pillow n or pain management session

Hello Hadassa, I too live in central ok. Could you provide the name of the Dr who performed your surgery or if they are still practicing? Thank you, I am still trying to get a proper diagnosis

Mine was a spike pressing on c1 of spine. It broke in half when removed. Horrible migraines


I hope you are doing okay. I would be very interested in knowing who you saw in OKC. I am just north of Tulsa and would like to consult with someone beyond my local ENT. Thank you.

Shalom Mike,

After going to so many physicians and getting nowhere, I had one of my
physicians give me a referral to OU Physician’s in OKC. You have to have a
referral to be able to see
a physician there. It is a “teaching” University hospital and they have so
much money for research. I went to the Otorhinolaryngology clinic. They
physician who diagnosed me
was, Greg Krempl, MD.

He is still in practice at OU, but he now works with patients who have
cancer so, the last time I tried to go back to have him check out my
throat, he no longer worked with patients
who had Eagle’s Syndrome. Now, I do know that he does have other OU
colleages who probably still work with ES. After Dr. Krempl diagnosed me,
he sent me to a physicain who
was in private practice at Norman Regional Hospital, in Norman, OK. His
name was R.Layton Runkle MD. He is the one who did my surgery because Dr.
Krempl was not able to.

Dr. Runkle was also a professor at OU Medical so, I was in good company. I
had my surgery in Norman. Three years after my surgery, Dr. Runkle retired
and started an orphanage
down in Mexico. If I were you, see if your insurance is in network with OU
Physicians? I just happened to luck out in that, my insurance was in

Right now, my issue pertaining to ES, , is that I lost my taste buds back
in Dec.of 2015, and my lips sometimes feel oily. Another thing that I have
noticed, pertaining to ES, is that
you produce more saliva so, if you are asleep, sometimes you sort of choke
because of swallowing more than what is normal. It’s not bad, just
irritating. I just had cataract surgery
on my right eye and I started to come out of the local anesthetic because
the anesthesiologist was concerned I would choke on my saliva. I could
feel it draining down both sides of my
mouth, during surgery. It didn’t hurt while the doctor was working on my
cataract, but it felt weird to know he was doing something to my eyeball
and I knew I was in surgery…

I wish you well in your search for answers…

Shalom, The physician that diagnosed me after 17 yrs with other physicians in Houston, TX., which is a major medical center! I was given a referral from my OBG/YN at Mercy, in OKC.

I went to OU Physicians, to the Orthorhinolaryngology Clinic off of 825 NE 10th, OKC., Tel# (405)■■■■■■■■. Dr. Greg A. Krempl. I am not sure if he still works with adults. Last I heard, he now works with pediatrics and cancer patients…

This syndrome is hell to live with and it was hell on me. The only inconvenience I have now is waking up in the middle of the night and my pillow has a little saliva on it. With ES, your lips sometimes have a numb or oily feeling and I have no taste buds since last December. I produce allot of extra saliva in my mouth.

Not in pain, but a little irritating…