Imaging on Dicom. Would love any thoughts

You did read correctly that some of our members have opted to alternate Tylenol w/ Advil (or the like) over taking Rx pain meds. Since ibuprofen is a blood thinner, many doctors prefer that you wait 7-10 days post op before using it where others recommend starting it soon after surgery. If you get a dose pack of prednisone, you won’t need ibuprofen anyway.

Goodness, what a complicated situation you have! @Isaiah_40_31 & @KoolDude have given you lots of info, so I’ll just send a hug :hugs:

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Oh super. Thank you for clarifying re ibuprofen / prednisone. I’ll add that to my disorganized mess of lists tied to this :slight_smile:

I popped in because I thought to mention, as this will be relevant to some VES folks (like possibly me) that on top of Fargan now doing styloidectomy/jug decompressions (having learned from Hepworth so with that twist on technique), Hepworth mentioned to me that they are hoping to get one of Fargan’s well trained residents placed in Denver who can do stenting etc (trained with Fargan’s hands/technique).

Hopefully this world of a fine number of super specialists will continue to blossom and grow so that more people can get the help they need at a price they can (manage to) afford.


Received with much gratitude and sending back to you. :slight_smile:

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This is great news, @akc. I’m so glad these doctors/surgeons are making the effort to “replicate” their skills in younger doctors. That’s fantastic news!

That sounds brilliant, how they are working together and training more surgeons, most definitely needed!

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Yes!! It gives such hope, especially for future patients, that these issues are being more recognized and Drs working together to get better surgical interventions and more Drs properly trained in them.


I forgot to mention that I loved your story. Made me laugh! :rofl: I’m sorry you went through that. The right half of my tongue was temporarily paralyzed due to nerve issues in my first ES surgery so I can relate to some extent. When I stuck my tongue out it made a sharp curve to the right. I could feel it but the muscles were unresponsive. Speaking clearly & eating were quite the challenge for awhile.

No fun!!! You can laugh about it after but definitely no fun. I can remember how hard it was moving food around to swallow (or let’s face it, protein shakes) for that period (and several other times where nerve pain has been too severe) and imagine you had quite he time with half of your tongue not “working” for you. I hope you at least got some good funny pics out of it to laugh at down the road :slight_smile:


@akc - There might be pics somewhere, but it’s been long enough ago I don’t remember & wouldn’t know where to find them at this point. :rofl: :crazy_face:

I had to use my finger or a fork or spoon to move food over to the left side of my mouth if it wandered to the right side. I did live on smoothies for a couple of weeks, but they were actually full meals that were put in the blender w/ some almond milk. They looked awful but tasted fine.