Indentation and Transverse Diameter of the Meckel Cave: Imaging Markers to Diagnose Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

For those that suffer from severe to moderate bilateral Jugular compression who suspect that they might have IIH symptoms can look at the Meckel Cave indentation and it’s cross sectional diameter (transverse diameter) to see if they have the telltale signs of elevated intercranial pressure in addition to the already established signs such as empty/partial empty sella, optic nerve sheath dilation…etc on MRI scans. It is even important when we don’t have papilledema visible on eye exam but still have IIH symptoms.


You find the best & most obscure information to help our members, @KoolDude. Thank goodness you are ever curious & constantly seeking knowledge. You’re such a godsend for our members!


@Isaiah_40_31 Thanks a lot. There are a lot of folks here trying to glean some evidence from their MRIs so I am posting any relevant studies that might be of interest in terms of IIH induced by Jugular stenosis.