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ES, Jugular vein, Atlas … etc.

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The video link didn’t come through. Can you please re-post the video link?

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I hope you can see it now ?

Still no link. Are you copying & pasting it into the dialog box or using the upload link (underlined up-pointing arrow in the menu at top of dialog box)?


Copy & paste into the box !

All good @Aboulog1 , there’s a link in both of your posts. Maybe just some mobile devices can’t properly show it.
For those it’s here in plain text:
(Atlas Orthogonal adjustment for Jugular vein entrapment. - YouTube)

Yes, thanks. I did that on purpose; and yes some mobile machines don’t work right.

Ha, ha, That’s ME by the way. I found out about Atlas orthogonal in relation to helping my MCAS and went to see him with my CT scan from France that he changed in to the 3D images and by accident found ES and consulted with a vascular/thoraic surgeon. There’s so much going on there but I am sure that the vagus nerve compression and the giant hole in my skull on the right side where the giant jugular also comes out is also pressing on it. I have had 6 adjustments of my C1 now that are not holding, no improvement in migraines. Most docs I have managed to hear back from aren’t looking closely enough or considering the vagus nerve implications. The left side had a reverse flow in the jugular that he found with ultrasoun–don’t know what the status is now b/c still trying to find someone to get me another CT scan that I can hopefully turn into 3D images from the software I read about on this forum. He mistakenly refers to the sigmoid sinus (looks like blood flow is cut off) incorrectly and the surgeon he talked to said I needed to have the CT angiogram with venous flow ‘held’ longer (but they never said how long!) to see what’s going on on the left side. One dr. in Barcelona just said it was ‘anatomical differences’ between the right and left and want to just try steroid injections. I said no bc I need to investigate (or find someone knowledgeable) about the vagus nerve compression. I am afraid of nerve damage during surgery if a doc is not careful with my nerves, let alone the huge jugular.

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So glad it finally worked!! Thank you for persevering!! It’s kind of crazy, but yesterday when you first posted the link, it was blank but today it’s there in your first post. I mostly use my computer to visit this forum, however, I noticed there were some troubles w/ the forum not loading yesterday afternoon when I tried to access it. It’s possible that whatever was going on somehow blocked the link until the problem was fixed.

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It’s a small world @jteleia! Made even smaller by the internet, eh? I’m sorry that the adjustments haven’t been a solution for your jugular compression. So frustrating to have hopes dashed. I wish it had been that easy to fix the problem.

I believe the vagus nerve runs deeper than some of the other cranial nerves, so may be less likely to be injured during surgery, HOWEVER, it’s always wisest to work w/ a doctor/surgeon who is familiar with the nerves & with ES when that is at least part of the problem.