Injections for Hyoid Bone? Recommended?

Quick background refresh:

Been having worsening symptoms of throat tightness and ear fullness on right side only for 2.5 years. Never any pain. Feels like throat is tight all the time but gets much worse after eating. During and after eating right ear almost immediately feels full and I have to open my mouth really wide and hold it for a few seconds to get the ear to pop. This repeats after every few swallows/bites. Throat also usually begins to feel tighter like I am going to choke or not be able to breathe.

Had all the usual tests: MRIs, CTs, EGDs, Esophogram, swallowing study, Manometry, Gastric Emptying study, allergy tests, etc. etc. and everything always comes back as normal.

As a last resort and also just to rule them out I had my tonsils removed about 3 weeks ago. During the recovery I didn't notice the original issue as much but I suspect it was because I was on the pain medicine and also barely eating anything. Now that I've switched back to trying to eat regular foods and am off the medicine I feel pretty much the same as before I had the tonsil surgery (maybe even a little worse since now my throat is actually tight as it's still healing from the surgery).

I contacted Dr. Forrest in Columbus, OH as he came recommended from here, but unfortunately he is leaving his practice soon. He was good enough to refer me to one of his partners and the new doctor reviewed some scans that I sent him and said that he can see that my right side hyoid bone is definitely longer than the left side. He said I can come see him and he can possibly do some type of injections to see if that helps my problem at all. Kind of like a test before exploring any type of surgical/long term fixes.

Just wondering if anybody else has had this type of injection before and if it helped or if there were any huge risks with it. The doctor explained that most people he sees have pain with this problem and also that he hasn't seen any where the problem is worse after eating, so I don't know if I'm on the right track or not since I never have any pain and mine definitely gets worse with eating.

Also want to add.. my main, extremely troubling, symptoms right now are a constant feeling that something is stuck in the back right corner of my mouth, almost like if you have a piece of rice or something stuck back there, and also my right ear is constantly needing to be popped. These two things combined are driving me crazy as they seem to be there no matter what I do and get even worse when I try to eat. If I open my mouth really wide it usually will pop the ear for a few seconds but it also seems that if I hold my mouth open really wide it also somewhat relieves the feeling that something is stuck in the back of my mouth.