Hyoid bone

Can someone please help me- I wrote on here a while ago about the pain in my neck the clicking in my throat and the trouble swallowing- I have tried so so much. I finally found one doctor who can put a steriod in my hyoid to see if it helps but who knows. Has anyone had this problem its like my hyoid bone is so inflamed it hurts all day and i have been on a liquid diet for seven months :( I need advice- thank you guys!

Where was the injection? the only way it is effect is if it is injected in just below the jaw bone. And is the hyoid or the stylohyoid. Did he identify it? Do you have copies of your records. There is a lot of info on here.

I did a lidocaine shot in the superior cornu of the hyoid and the clicking stoped for ten minutes and then came right back so now we are going to try a steriod is that the area that it should be done? do u know? He doesn't even know he i just guesing and doing what im asking based on internet research- im so desperate

The injections will temporarily stop the pain, it numbs the nerve. It does stop correct the problem, but tells the ENT that it is Eagles. At least he is working with you. Have you made copies of any of the reference material on file here? My ENT did not refer to the hyoid. Did you dr. tell you that is what it is? Does he have anyone to refer you to?

I also have systemic sclerosis via blood tests that can also affect swallowing issues within skin that lines throat, as it thickens via collagen vascular damage, it sucks having BOTH!

I just had left styloid removed sent home with feeding tube, which popped out while later, still have some issues, now that it is two months later, hopefully will resolve.

Check out all the other links within site. if the injection helped LOVE the anatomy pics on this site: http://www.anatomyexpert.com/structure_detail/5052/1468/

Did the injection help? Did he palpate the entire length of the styloid from one hand within throat and one hand outside? Kind of odd feeling (I have no gag reflex either so this worked for me) I saw Dr Cognetti in JEfefrson in Philly, and although my imaging I brought with me (CT) showed some elongation, he did not feel it was too long, felt if during my thyroid cancer surgery if he did NOT find anything on left, he would NOT entertain doing right side...lo & behold, the LEFT side styloid even had calcification that he could not BREAK off. Breakin goff by hand is his normal procedural task, so he had to use a surgical tool to break it! He even noted this in my surgical notes! So AFTER I heal from the left styloid surgery ,I will be back in for right side with NOTES to the surgical team to take it VERY easy as they move around my already tender muscle(s) Regurgitating food and fluids through my nose every time I needed to drink and was NOT fun!

My opinion, DON'T DO THE STERIOD!!!!

Have they looked at your hyoid on a CT or MRI????? I had that really bad but after I had that surgery I was relieved 100% and I do not have those symptoms anymore! The reason it clicks for me was bc when he went in the hyoid was being shifted to the side and it wasn't moving correctly bc of the calcification.

You both sound like you have other major issues. The shot I received was not a steroid. But the surgery was the only solution. I certainly hope you find the correct solution. A person can only stand so much. And trying different actions with no real plan is scary.

I can relate! My Es is enlongated particaly calisfied running down or pushing along the hydroid bone. I have not been able to swallow either soup has been my best friend on a good day i can have chicken noodle from panera but no where eles other days it camblells tomato and this lump i feel is annoying as all crap wish it go away.

Hi Ang, it’s been awhile since you posted. Have you had relief after your surgery and who did your surgery?

Hi! I just got my okay for surgery in February. I had a portion of my left hyoid removed but now on the stylohyoid it’s calcifying at the lower level close to the hyoid bone. I will get major lock jaw, depression, swelling under jaw when I chew, major headaches, muscle tension etcetc… I’m hoping this surgery helps stop all of this… How are you doing? I am going to Dr. Milligan in Phoenix AZ… this will be my 4th Eagle syndrome surgery…, all located in different locations.

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Hi Ang, may I ask who did your first surgery (for clicking of the hyoid)? Thank you. I’m doing about the same, clicking is still there. I believe I am having very similar issue, with hyoid being pulled to the side by calcification

FYI Dr. Ron Karni in Houston Tx did my hyoid surgeries. Feel free to Pm Me