Insurance coverage and preauthorization

Hello. I am scheduled for surgery (internal, both sides) on Feb 23rd and my ENT office has yet to send the insurance preauthorization request to my insurance company. The office does not have the CPT code and my doctor is out of town until Feb 14th. I have Kaiser Permanente insurance and I’m not feeling hopeful they will approve this surgery on such short notice (assuming they get the request on Feb 14th, though likely it’d be the 16th). Has anyone with Kaiser insurance been either approved or denied for the surgery? Thanks!

The surgeon who did my ES surgery called it a mini craniectomy. Don’t know if that’s helpful for you. Kaiser may have another name for it. There’s only been one person I’m aware of on this forum w/ Kaiser & she did battle w/ them in order to go out of network & see the doctor of her choice rather than the Kaiser doc who had much less experience doing ES surgery. Kaiser did approve her surgery (w/in the Kaiser network) but don’t know the time frame.
At last count she was still trying to get Kaiser to pay for the surgeries she had. Her screen name is seamom. You can click on the Members link at the top of the page & type her name in. Click on her name when it somes up & the window that opens will allow you to send her a private message. She hasn’t been on the site for awhile.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. My surgeon is in network with Kaiser, so that gives me some hope. The time limitation is less hopeful but I suppose moving the date out a few weeks is better than not having the surgery at all. Thanks for your help.