Does anyone know how insurance would cover ES surgery? The ENT surgeon I saw today is an acquaintance and informed me that there isn’t an insurance code for it and without a specific code, insurance likely won’t approve coverage.

There isn’t a code for ES surgery per se so it’s billed as a craniectomy (i.e. a small piece is being removed from your skull). Insurance will pay for that. There may be other terms that are used, too.

Addendum - I think some insurance companies have a code for styloidectomy which is a form of craniectomy.

For my first surgery - intraoral - it was billed as a tonsillectomy. Not sure how the second was billed. I would be concerned if the surgeon’s office staff doesn’t know how to bill it, as it suggests they have not done them before. Both of my surgeries were completely covered by insurance.


Thank you for the feedback. The doctor has done the procedure before but was a military physician for that portion of his career so the insurance/billing side was very different.

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That makes sense @Becc87. :blush: