Intra oral surgery yesterday

The swelling is bad and I feel like I’m choking on my saliva. Any other tips and tricks to help this? When is the worst of the swelling over?

All things considered I think I’m doing okay. :smile:

agordon, best wishes for a good recovery. The intra-oral stuff must be awful, but good to see that you managed a smile.

Please keep us posted on your recovery. We’ll let you be our local expert on I-O recovery. Sound good? :wink:

Seenie from Moderator Support

Lots of ice- ice packs round your neck, chew ice or sip ice cold water, keep upright as much as possible so have lots of pillows… if you feel the swelling is really bad you could ask your doctor for steroids.
Hope that things soon improve!

I second the ice packs around the neck - 20 minutes on & 40-50 min. off throughout the day. Make sure to insulate your skin a bit w/ a washcloth or thin dish towel between you & the ice pack. Keep your head elevated to at least 30º at all times - especially when sleeping (will take some getting used to). This will help keep the swelling down. I’m surprised if your surgeon didn’t prescribe Prednisone to help w/ post op inflammation. It seems many surgeons do. With external surgeries, the swelling is worst 3-5 days post op. Don’t know if that rule is in effect for intraoral surgery. Take your pain meds on schedule!! Don’t put your self in a postion where you have to play “catch up”. Once the pain gets going because of a forgotten or intentionally avoided pain pill, it can take a day or more to get back on top of it.

So glad your surgery is done & you’re now on the road to recovery!!

Thanks! I didn’t get antibiotics or steroids, which surprised me. I’m wishing I had some steroids though…

Hi there,
I had bilateral intra oral surgery on 7/20. I have since learned that I should of probably not agreed with both sides done at same time. But hoping recovery will be successful as doc said it would be.
Left side was the worst , so ENT did that first,
right side was very challenging as small mouth and swelling was an issue. Was explained that they were deep ? and 4 cm came off on the left and only 2 cm came off on right. Doc was concerned with surrounding nerves? I am still sore, waking up few times a night to apply ice pack. I was given antibiotic and pain med, which i took for 7 days. I switched to advil.
Did get mouth thrush however, so everything I was soothing for my throat was aggravating the thrush. : ( I have tried to limited my sugars, etc and it seems to be clearing. I still feel like I have something in my throat. I have no taste buds and my mouth opening is limited. I sure hope that I will feel improvement soon.
I hope you feel better soon.

I hope both of your recoveries are improving. For swelling, besides ice [and steriods] I found sleeping with a wedge pillow and more fluffy pillows on top [especially one under my neck to tilt my head back] really helped. Have patience and mediate on your healing - best wishes for a speedy recovery, Seamom