Intraoral surgery scheduled Washington DC

My intraoral surgery is scheduled with Dr Davidson at Georgetown hospital in Washington DC. He said the tonsillectomy is the worst part and the surgery itself isn’t bad.

I’ll keep everyone posted on recovery

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Hope that all goes well for you, God Bless & I’ll be praying for you… :hugs:


Good luck with your surgery and my God watch over you and your surgeon.


Good luck Highhopes.
I’ll say prayers for you.
I hope your surgery and recovery goes well.
You’re in our thoughts xoxo

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Yah Bless you…Being diagnosed is the best thing because now you are going to have the surgery. No more rabbit trails…

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So glad you’ve got a surgery date. Remember that healing can be slow. Don’t be discouraged if your ES symptoms don’t disappear w/ your styloids. They can take several months to go away post op. I’ll look forward to your update post op.


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Post surgery Update:

Surgery was successful. Right side tonsillectomy and right side Styloidectomy.

First 12 Hrs:
Woke to lots of pain and nausea
Given Percocet to take edge off. Did only that, took a tiny edge off.
Discharged and went home.
Slept for 2 hours lots of pain (jaw, ear, throat, neck, head) and nausea. Cold pack helps a lot with pain management. Numb tongue.
2 more Percocet. Managed to eat a popsicle, relieved about 90% of nausea. Can barely open mouth so that took about 15 min.
Slept more soundly for 2 hours, actually restful sleep.
Woke, lots of continuing throat pain from tonsillectomy. Significant ear pain from Styloidectomy. Tolderable neck and jaw pain. Tongue still significantly numb.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Will provide an update then.

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So glad to hear you’re home & recovering. The first week is the toughest. Keep that ice coming & sleep w/ your head & upper body very elevated (it will help reduce swelling). Glad the Percocet is helping & that your nausea is mostly past. Expect stiff/sore jaw for several weeks but maybe less. Hoping tongue numbness subsides quickly. It’s hard to talk & eat when you can’t feel your tongue!!


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Glad that the surgery is done, & hope that you can see improvements soon- having a tonsillectomy as an adult is apparently pretty tough, so take it easy… Thinking of you, God Bless! :hugs: :bouquet:

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Yipes and…Yay, its done! So sorry you had to go through that “waking up from surgery yuk”. Did the anesthesia person not put something in your cocktail to alleviate the “wake up nausea”? Maybe it was the percocet on empty stomach? That is absolutely the worst feeling and one I sooooo dread. Yay for the popsicle - must have felt awesome going down except for the swallowing part. I’m guessing the intraoral surgery is the cause of your jaw being so sore and not being able to open your mouth much. Had to go back up and look to see which way you went. A couple of the reasons I will only consider extraoral. I remember how sore my throat was after having my tonsils removed! You sound very optimistic and I applaud you for that. Immediate post-surgery for me is usually in the neighborhood of "I’m never having any more surgeries - this is the worst ever!!!
Looking forward to hearing anything you can share as you feel able. I think you are on to something with the cold paks. Thank you for the update, I hope your recovery is better with each hour!:sunflower:

Yes, I always have the doctor add something for nausea before I wake up. I have terrible nausea from anesthesia.

I hope you continue healing well.

Thanks so much everyone. I wish I would have known to ask for them to give me nausea meds. It lasted about 12 hrs after surgery.

Right now I am about 35 hrs post surgery. I actually had a restful night sleep for which I’m really grateful. Woke up a few times toclear my throat but I’m just happy the pain didn’t wake me.

Symptoms are all the same with the exception of the nausea. My ear, jaw, and neck pain have increased a little. I just keep the ice pack on.

Only been able to get down popsicles. Water is still really difficult.

I think the intraoral may have been the more painful route due to the tonsillectomy. Luckily the other side doesn’t seem to bother me and I pray it stays that way! I don’t want another surgery!

I’m just trying to sleep as much as possible to pass the time to when I start feeling better. Can’t wait to start feeling better, hopefully soon???

Thank you for the update HighHopes, so sorry to hear the pain has increased. I am like you, just want to sleep through it! Might have to keep those percosets coming!
So sorry you didn’t know about the nausea meds part. I guess there are worse things than popsicles but hope you get something else down soon.

I think that others have found days 3 or 4 the worst, but having the tonsillectomy does make recovery worse… there are some forums about having tonsillectomy as an adult which you could look at for more of what to expect, your throat will be sore for a bit. :hugs:
@kiZe6159 - the surgery even with external can make it painful to open your jaw to wide, mine was like that for a couple of weeks first surgery, but not at all for the second… just to prepare you, it’s not just with intra-oral!

Boo for the jaw pain Jules! Guess I will have to double up on my tramadol. Odd thing with the tonsillectomy…had mine out when I was 17 (now 59) - thought my throat would never stop hurting (adenoids taken out as well). My niece had hers out several years ago at age 15 and she was eating tacos the same day - WHAT!
I am preparing for an unpleasant several days but convinced it will be TOTALLY worth it.

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Thanks everyone. I woke up at 1:30 am this morning and had a hard time breathing so I went to the ER. They gave me steroids to get the swelling down so I could breathe. It was a relief. I have to admit that I was pretty scared.

Got a CT around 4am. Found some air, whatever that means. My ENT said it could be an infection so I got an antibiotic.

Fingers crossed, I’m feeling pretty good right now. No pain killers since 1:40am. I think most of my pain was from swelling.

I ate snow peas and a little plain over cooked pasta. It was a little awkward and messy but it didn’t hurt! I can also drink much better now.

All this to say the morning of day 3 was hard but after receiving ant inflammatory meds and antibiotics at 3am, I got a lot of relief by 4pm.

That does sound scary, glad you’ve got treatment & hope that you feel better soon!

Please keep us posted as to how your recovery is progressing. So sorry you had that scare!

I wanted to drop a quick note on my progress. No more ear jaw or neck pain!! While surgery was a rough recovery it was worth it!

Also, i had some lower back pain that has almost disappeared post surgery. Not sure if it’s related at all but thought I would mention it.

I’ve been off of the PPI for about a month now and take Zantac twice a day. Sometimes I’m able to take it 1x a day. Baby steps…

Glad that things are improving for you & that some of the Eagles symptoms are getting better! Strange about the back pain- maybe the painkillers you’re on helped it & broke the cycle?
Did you only have symptoms one side, or have you got a second surgery to look forward to?!