Involuntary blinking

Has anyone with compressed jugular ever had any episodes of involuntary eye blinking? Prior to my original diagnosis, I had several episodes of my eyes blinking very rapidly and I had no control over it. Each time it lasted around five minutes. After my styloidectomy, it never happened again. At least until recently. I am having similar symptoms and am waiting to get in with the doctor to see if I need to have the other side done (I was originally diagnosed in 2014 with bilateral ES, but only had surgery on the worst side). I have had a couple episodes again over the last couple weeks of rapid involuntary eye blinking. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

Hi Susie,

I looked up which cranial nerve causes involuntary eye blinking, & guess what!?! It’s the facial nerve which is one of the cranial nerves more commonly affected by ES. It’s a good bet that you may need that second styloid removed as it seems perhaps it is irritating your facial nerve.

Here’s what Google says: “The orbicularis oculi muscle is innervated by cranial nerve VII (the facial nerve). Contraction of the palpebral portion closes the eyelid gently, and the palpebral orbicularis is the muscle of action in an involuntary blink and a voluntary wink; relaxation of the levator muscle follows.”

I hope this info helps.

I never had it, but maybe Isaiah’s onto something! It seems quite a coincidence that you had it 1st side & not after surgery, but now on the other side… Let us know what your scan shows

I have eye twitching/eyelid movement quite often! I’m assuming that’s similar to the “blinking” you mentioned.

I have bilateral ES, and just had my right styloid process removed. My left eye is still affected with the eye twitching.

How’s your recovery going from your surgery? Hope it’s helped…

Hi powerpranger!

In case you haven’t scoured this site & read every post (:rofl:), it can take up to a year for nerves to heal so don’t despair if your “blinking” problem is still with you. It may yet recover. If not, then perhaps it’s a painless reminder of your ES journey. Many of us have low grade, residual ES “reminders” that don’t impact our lives significantly but keep us grateful for the recovery we have experienced.


I get eyelid twitches occasionally, usually when I am really tired. These episodes were much more violent, for lack of a better word. The blinking was fast and furious, so much so that I couldn’t really see. Fortunately I haven’t had any more episodes in the last week or so.