Help please or any advice e

Hi everyone,
I had my surgery 3 weeks ago, scar bigger than thought ( around 5 inch) soon after op no joke and very sore and uncomfortable, swelling is nearly down but I dont have much feeling around scar and I still feel that my tongue is hot, left sinus still blocked and still pain in throat!!!
However I dont need my noise generator in my left ear fir hyperacusis anymore and I can move my neck a lot more to the left without restriction, ( my left styloid came out )
I seem to feel my right one more now the left is out ( not sure what that is!!)
I wondered how long it took for symptoms to calm down, I am very impatient as I was misdiagnosed for 6 years.
Thanks all!
Pic of styloids.

Hi Ersaj!

Your post op symptoms are pretty typical. Some ES symptoms usually go away immediately post op & others may linger for some
Months but usually subside w/ time. Recover from ES surgery is an exercise in patience. You incision looks fantastic. I recall you saw Mr. Axon (correct?). He does a nice job. Jules can affirm that. Her scar is nearly invisible now.

Feeling the remaining styloid more acutely after the first one is removed is very common in bilateral ES. No one is sure why, but we speculate that once the first is removed & the irritation it was causing is reduced, the remaining side symptoms become more obvious.

Interestingly your styloid CT is very similar to mine. I hd bilateral surgery in the US 4 & 4.5 years ago. It took 2 months after each surgery Dow me to start feeling somewhat normal again & 6-13 months for nerve recovery. I do still have a little numbness along my scar lines & my left jaw line but only notice it if I touch those areas. I am so thankful to be rid of those long pokey things!
I hope you recover quickly, but again, patience is very key. Expect some good days followed by less good days (3 steps forward, 2 steps back) at the onset w/ less steps back as the weeks progress.

Wow, those styloid processes are/ were huge! As Isaiah says, patience is definitely needed. Some members have found it can take up to a year for symptoms to subside…at 3 weeks you might have some swelling still, & nerves can be sensitive & painful as they heal.

Oh my Ersaj - those were some healthy looking SPs. I have been trying to really pay attention to pics of these nasty things and it seems a good number of us have that one that looks like it may have been broken or fractured at some point. Did you have prior trauma that you can attribute that to?
Your incision looks fantastic even though it is quite long. The surgeon did a nice job with stitching - will barely be noticeable in a year or two. Looking forward to your posts telling us more of your symptoms are resolving!

Is Isaiah correct, was your consultant Mr Axon?

Hi Ersaj, Was Mr Axon your consultant? How are you feeling now?

How long were they?