Is anyone familiar with Froedtert medical. Dr. Becky Massey?

Looking for information and hopefully a second opinion.

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Did you already have a consult with her/surgery?
She performed my styloidectomy in 2018 - I was highly pleased with her and the surgery. I could chat more if you still have questions.

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I haven’t been here in awhile. Thank you for your response. I did have my surgery with Dr. Massey and I was also very pleased with the experience. I had both sides removed with 2 different surgeons in 2020. It was a long year and a challenging journey.


Hi, Breagle and Shayney.
I live in Wisconsin and found Dr. Massey’s name here on the forum’s doctor list.

I see that you both had a pleasant experience with her. Could you say a little more about the surgeries? Does she do external or intraoral? How far back is she willing to cut the styloids?

Hello, she removed mine external and doesnt remove to skull base.

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