Consult with Dr. Coughlin, Omaha Neb

Hello all, sharing in case others are out there looking for a surgeon in my area. Dr. Andrew Coughlin at Methodist and his team were very cordial and knowledgeable about Eagles. After reviewing my scans, discussing my symptoms and length of time they have been happening coupled with all the other things I have done to try to figure this out he has confidence that taking out my left styloid is going to work for me.

He says the number of styloidectomies he does each year varies, at most he does 10-15 a year. He is commonly in that area doing other surgeries and is pretty comfortable with the area’s tight anatomy. He has people come in from all over the region for his opinion of their elongated styloid that were found either intentionally or incidentally. He is very hesitant to do the surgery unless the symptoms fall into the Eagles spectrum.

He prefers to do the extraoral surgery vs the intraoral method because he can get a better look at all the nerves, blood vessels and the styloid process/ligament. He will take the out the styloid all the way to the skull. I’ll have a scar but don’t care.

My surgery will be on 6/19. Had to push it back due to a planned vacation and I didn’t want to be dealing with lingering issues from the surgery while on it. I’ve dealt with it for 10 yrs, I can go a few more weeks.

Hang in there everyone. :slight_smile:


Hi Haggard!
Very pleased that Dr Coughlin is willing to do your surgery, and thank you for the info about him, handy to know!
I hope that the time passes quickly until your surgery, and that it all goes well- there’s lots of info about what to expect after surgery in the Newbies Guide Section & in the past discussions if you need it.


@Haggard, I’m so glad you’ve had ES confirmed by knowledgeable doctor & one who is also willing/able to do the surgery. We’ve had other good reports about Dr. Coughlin so I feel confident you’re in good hands.

Smart choice to take your vacation THEN have surgery as the recovery can be tough for a couple of months post op. I’ll put your surgery date on my calendar so I can pray for you then in particular. :blush: :pray: