Is that really Eagle Syndrome?

My history

Here is my history. Sorry for my bad English.

I would be grateful if someone could have a look to help me to diagnose whether it is really Eagle Syndrome.

I have found an earlier (2001) X-Ray image of my Neck and the ligamentum stylohyoideum is also elongated, ossified. At that time I had no problems.


Once on May. 2013 and once on Nov. 2013

Swelling of the soft-palate and uvula (it was not the tonsils). I was sleeping half an hour on my back before.

Was in the hospital suspicion of allergy or snoring.

Was normalized after 6-8 hours.

December 2013

Swallowing problems like sore throat. Antibiotics did not help.

As slight inflammation, Persistent sore throat, strange swallowing. Could not locate where the problem was.

Feb. 2014

ENT doctor, complete check and complete inspection of throat. No findings everything seems to be okay, except slight redness. He asked me: Any inner restlessness?

March 2014

Second ENT visit. Ordered stomach acid blockers for 1 week did not help.

Suspicion chronic tonsillitis.

Decision and waiting for the tonsillectomy.

Until yet none of doctors did any X-Ray.

June 18, 2014 tonsils surgery, tonsillectomy on both sides

June 27, 2014 After-bleeding, emergency surgery, hemostasis

July 2014

Approximately 2 weeks after the surgery slight pressure around on the left side the ear area and temple.

Aug. 2014

During the holidays (hot weather about 40 degrees), pressure on the left ear area and back head, like a having a cold and the ears eustachian tube is closed(after a Flights).

Dull feeling around the left ear, muffled hearing.

ENT Doctor prescribed antibiotics and nasal spray, muscle-relaxation.

Swallowing problems are still there, though it is normal after the tonsillectomy surgery I have to get used to it and wait as this may take time.

I get also some vertigo!

Sept. 2014

Symptoms, problems and complaints still the same: pressure builds up under the ear-left to the temple.

ENT visit check of the balance system (vestibular system) and hearing test

No findings everything is okay.

Further examinations:

MRT brain, MTR neck soft tissues, MRT neck veins, Angio

No specific findings everything seems to be ok.

(But by all the checks no eagle syndrome was considered)

October 2014

Still the same complaints/problems.

The pressure and slightly muffled hearing, strange swallowing

Additionally I get dizziness/vertigo and unsteady gait and walking.

After so long, no diagnosis slowly make me panic and get also panic attacs.

Rear part of the tongue seems to be slight limited in movement.

All blood test no findings, Borrelia test also no findings.

October 2014

My GP (family doctor) found an energetic blockade at the neck and plexus

Suspicion of amalgam-fillings at the teeth and drainage started with alga.

Acupuncture 4 sessions of relaxation on the whole body but not on the left side of neck

More ENT doctor visits:

One of them said it can be psychosomatic.

One of them said it is the scar from the tonsillectomy surgery and extention.

December 2014

Chiropractor takes a blockage at the neck, and said the turning to the left is some what limited

He threated twice but it does not bring anything really.

Visiting an osteopath. He thinks there is something not quite good after tonsillectomy but not closer.

Had three treatments but no real improvement.

Neurologist general check, plus EEG no findings.

Jan. 2015

ENT Professor visit at the University Hospital, suspicion of Eagle syndrome.

Finally one Diagnosis: X-ray image -> ossified stylohyoid ligament on both sides.

I have 4 amalgam fillings which I will replace with ceramics.

Have two root treated teeth and possibly a dead tooth (but not sure)

Blood test no indication of inflammation no findings, cardiac ECG everything seems to be ok, no Neurology EEG findings

Main symptomes:

Swallowing problems(pain but not strong)

Dullnes left side hearing, also numbness at ear area and head.

Vertigo when I am walking, this bothers me scares me

So I am unsure because of the earlier X-Ray image (2001). The tonsillectomy I had was unnecessary and I have to avoid again a false diagnosis.

My question is:Is that eagle Syndrome?

Thank you.

Hi Teo,

Poor you! Certainly the uncomfortable swallowing, sore throat, pressure feeling in temple and ears, limited neck movement, same with tongue, and vertigo etc are all symptoms which people with ES all get. It sounds to me like your symptoms could well be caused by the calcified styloid ligaments, and the tonsillectomy probably didn't help!

I'm taking amitryptiline for nerve pain as I think my styloid processes are pushing on nerves, and interestingly, the vertigo and some of the ear fullness etc. I get have improved since I started taking that, so I'm wondering if it's caused by overstimulated nerves.

Given that your x-ray does show calcification, then if your Dr. is willing to treat you, go with it!

If you click on the discussions section, and search for the questionnaire on symptoms one of the members kindly organised, you'll see that all of your symptoms are on there! There is also a spreadsheet of doctors, so you can see recommended doctors. Is your doctor willing to do surgery, and does he/she have experience? It would be a good idea for you to find that out.

Good luck!

Thank you Jules

By the way I have a ossification both sides up to 9 cm.

I will read in the discussions and will try to collect info as much as possible. I will keep amitryptiline in mind.

It seems to be difficult to find a experienced Dr. in Switzerland.

I googled some but didn’t find any specialized Dr. in ES.

I will see my Dr. in tree weeks and will discuss with him about surgery.

I think first of all i have to exclude any other things.

Thank you.

No, it is not psychosomatic. One test you did not list is a CT scan; a specialized one capable of seeing the small bones in the throat and ear. I did not have extra long styloids, but they were calcified, etc., pressing on the vagus nerve and blood vessels. The surgeon removed the tonsils along with styloids. What a blessing.

Some of your other symptoms are similar to a syndrome I also had surgery for: Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome; holes in the skull and ear canals. Vertigo, sounds, pain, craziness...

Ask your dr. to have the CT scan viewed for that; not all technicians are familiar with this.

The tonsillectomy was good, but it just wasn't enough. At least with them gone, you will not be harboring old bacteria, etc., which causes chronic illness.

Good luck.

Thank you Ladygw

I go crazy.. Since a week i had heavy dizziness/vertigo and swallowing is still difficult.

Pressure under my left ear and head is getting worse.

Can't go out and enjoy nothing.

Initally(before tonsillectomy) i had only difficulties in swallowing because of the very long ossified Ligam. Stylo. (both siedes up to 9 cm).

I think after the tonsillectomy all the symptomes are break out now. Because after a tonsillectomy the soft palate moves backward (or some things change the place) in throat.

Perhaps the ossified Ligam. Stylo are broken bcause of changed pressure in my throat.

My ENT Dr said nothing bad can happen 2 week ago. And i will see him in 2 weeks.

The dizziness scares me. Can go something wrong or can happen something seriously(dangerous)?