Its official I Have Eagles

Just some general questions

whats the best way to go throat or neck for removal?

why is it called Eagles is it because the Styloid looks like Eagle claws?

Should we get both at the same time or one at a time?

Anything helps thanks

I'm sorry to hear you have Eagles, but it's good to know that it can be cured through surgery. While there are exceptions, it's usually considered best to have external surgery and have the whole thing taken out, not just the tip or a part of the styloid. It's best to go to a surgeon who has experience, but there aren't many of them around. You almost always have to travel to see one of the experienced doctors, but it is worth it in the end. See Emma's list of experienced doctors. From what I've heard and read, doctors only do one side at a time with about a 3 to 6 month waiting period in between surgeries.

It's called Eagles because the guy who "discovered" it was named Eagle.

Yes those egotistical research doctor's and their naming of things!

Get what ever side has the most tension and pain in it done first. I had my surgery 4 years ago, it relieved what I routinely described as a massive knot of tension between the back of my jaw and under my ear. The surgery in my case relieved the tension, but I was unrelieved to find out that I still had dull aching pain once all the surgical numbness completely wore off months later.

Personally I know I need to get my right side done as well, and perhaps my left side reopened and cleaned up, but before I do I will get the best doctor possible to do it, which regrettably got a surgeon who hadn't done the surgery before but was willing to do it after I sat and balled in his office about the unsustainability of my life if the pain continued.

I am have feelings of thankfulness and regret about my first surgery, thankfulness that I got my diagnosis after only a year (most people have to wait even longer, cant imagine) And no longer felt the extreme tension in that particular area, and no longer wondered if maybe I was crazy.

Take your time with recovery, don't rush the next surgery, I would wait the full 6 months, till all your nerves come back and your unshaven cheek near the ear on your surgery site doesn't feel completely numb and makes you question whether 'perhaps my face is made of sandpaper'.

Good luck my friend, wear that scar with some pride