Jugular compression other symptoms

I was wondering if there’s any connection between jugular vein compression and symptoms such as:

Face swelling (mostly around eyes)
Eye pain/pressure
Chronic Nose congestion

My guesses are:
when it comes to face swelling, the smaller veins in the face are not draining too well when they can’t drain properly later into the jugular veins.
Similar situation with the eyes but there I have literally zero knowledge so would like to get some info If you have.
When it comes to nose congestion this might not be related but I have ruled literally every obvious thing and still have no idea on what can trigger it.

Waiting for your thoughts :blush:

The facial & trigeminal nerves are very often irritated by ES. The trigeminal nerves has 3 branches in the face. An irritated trigeminal nerve can cause nasal congestion & possibly eye pain/pressure. The facial nerve can also contribute to the eye pain/pressure as well as facial swelling though what you’ve speculated about the swelling in your face may also be a contributor.

Trigeminal nerve image:

Facial nerve image:


Wow, that’s very informative. Thanks Isaiah, I will get deeper into this topic!

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I have found a really informative article on “empty nose” due to cervical instability.

It’s also mentioning the trigeminal nerves causing the nose turbinates to be swollen.
I’ve been having this problem with enlarged turbinates for years and I’ve been trying nearly everything - from allergy pills to steroid sprays etc.
I’ve been to multiple laryngologists and none of them knew what’s the root of this - obviously I had different tests done (imaging/allergy tests and so on). Also not a single one of them suggested surgery even though I have a deviated septum (they were all sure it’s not the cause of my problems but who knows :slight_smile: ).

One thing I also noticed is that my nose turbinates will change their size depending on the head position and also I can tell a significant difference when standing up vs laying down.


re chronic sinus issues…
I have had chronic sinus/ear issues with one infection after another.
Hepworth said the inflammation ES causes leads to sinus pockets of ick that grow infections and excess fluid (things not draining well and/or the body knows there is irritation and it is trying to help wash things out??).
I am only 2.5 weeks post 2nd surgery for ES therefore I am a moving target. Going out on a limb…so far there is less nasal gunk and ear is clearer (doesn’t feel underwater, less itchiness and random pains).
The final ES surgery was the right side and it seems to have helped the left ear. Go figure, crazy tangled nerves :rofl: I can’t explain it but I’ll take it.


It’s great to hear you’ve noticed some positive changes since your second surgery @juliezuber! We have noted “crossover” symptoms on here in the past relative to having one styloid removed & symptoms on the other side disappear. This can be especially evident when one styloid is removed & symptoms remain on that side but when the second styloid is removed, those symptoms disappear. I had that happen with a few of mine just as you have noted with your ear. It is pretty crazy how interconnected the two halves of our bodies are!!


Good information @mist & great observations regarding your symptoms. I had turbinate reduction surgery in 2019 for a chronic nose whistle :roll_eyes:. Sadly my nose still whistles & now my right nostril runs excessively. It was worth a try. That surgery coincided w/ an ear surgery so I wasn’t in just for that.

Since you & @juliezuber have noted a connection between nasal/sinus issues & ES, let’s hope that yours will go away once your styloids are removed. :blush: