JUGULAR Eagle Syndrome

Hii there!!!
Yesterday got Surgery and my styloid was affecting my ijv and also lymph node was affecting my ijv and a fully trained Surgeon did my procedure by transcervical approach…
Feeling much better today is day 2…
Gen. Shoaib Ahmad An Ent Surgeon HOD OF ENT WARD CMH RAWALPINDI…


That is really great news!! I’m so glad you found a surgeon who knew how to do the right surgery to help you! I really appreciate you sharing his name & will add it to our Doctors List.

Recovery can be a bit up & down after ES surgery so don’t be discouraged if you feel better some days then worse others. Over a period of some months you will feel better & better.

Please keep us informed about how your recovery is going. We’re here to answer questions you may have, too!


Hii there!!! Today is just my 2nd day from Styloidectomy…
Just after surgery I found that my enough head pressure has been released but 2nd day I noticed swelling to surgical site and pressure is again increased to the previous head pressure before Styloidectomy…
Is it normal I am 1 day post operative from Styloidectomy???

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Glad that you’ve had surgery! It’s completely normal to have swelling post surgery & that will affect the head pressure too…swelling peaks at about 3-5 days so it may worsen before it gets better, keep icing your neck ( wrap icepacks in a towel) if you can, & rest/ sleep propped up, that will help. Some doctors put a drain in to help with swelling, or otherwise prescribe steroids. The steroids might be an option if you get alot of swelling?
Hope things go well for you :hugs: :bouquet: :pray: