Jugular eagles syndrome and unilateral nasal bleeding

Hi everyone. It’s been some time since I last posted. My styoidectomy was Dec last year. Took some time for me to heal. I’ve only had one side done but will need the other side done at some point. I no longer have the pulsatile tinnitus and I can do so much more now. Thankful :pray:

Today I have a lot of head pressure and again I started to bleed from the right side of my nose. This has been happening in conjunction with pressure and is always on the right side only. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar?

We are looking at some sphenoid sinus issues but it happens with pressure so I am curious if others have experienced this…

Thank you!


I’m glad to know that you’ve recovered well from your surgery in Dec. It’s true the ES surgery does not provide a quick recovery, but it sounds like you’re over the hump & life is getting back some level of normalcy.

The question I have is, was your styloidectomy done on the right or left side. Based on this current symptom, I’m guessing the left was removed & the right remains for a future surgery. We have had forum members who’ve had problems with nosebleeds. Here is a link to posts where this subject is discussed:


Hi Isaiah

You are correct. I had my left side done. My right will need to be done at some point. I forgot to mention I am on a low dose blood thinner but this started before that. I do feel over the hump for sure. This site and everyone on it really helped me through. :blush: The posts you shared are helpful. Thank you!

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Glad that you feel the surgery the first side has helped you… hope that you can get to the bottom of this new issue too. Did you have a CT with contrast, & was it vascular ES on the other side, I’m sorry I can’t remember! Just wondering if the head pressure is perhaps from jugular compression. Obviously your first surgery helped, but sometimes the veins don’t always spring back as well as they were before.

Hi Jules,
Thanks for responding. It is jugular eagle syndrome. It has been hard to understand what symptoms go with what condition. Ive had a lot of imaging and there are still some areas of confusion. But I was very curious if others on this site had bleeding :slightly_frowning_face: it happens with pressure.

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