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I went to my dentist last week and told him that I’d been having pain under my jaw and in my upper neck since October (my regular doctor said it was a swollen gland). He did a pano and said he thought I had Eagle Syndrome. I didn’t want to believe him so today I went to my orthodontist and he confirmed it. I have had TMJ and jaw pain for as long as I can remember! I have an appointment on Wednesday with an oral surgeon but am wondering if I should be talking to an ENT instead?

Welcome to the ES forum, Tmcasciano! I can totally relate to your history of TMJ & jaw pain as well as your first diagnosis as my doctor prescribed antibiotics for an infected salivary gland when I took my under-jaw bump to him. It is indeed an ENT you want to see or a skull-based surgeon. Oral surgeons don’t do ES surgery. Please cancel your appointment & save yourself the time & money it will cost.

I had 2 ES surgeries - 11/2014 & 8/2015. These were among the best choices I have made in my life. Having my styloids & ligaments removed gave me my life back.

Two bits of helpful info for you are these: Click on the HOME tab in the upper left of this page & find the Newbies’ Guide. It has tons of helpful info in it. Additionally, if you click on the magnifying glass in the upper right side of the purple/magenta bar above you can search for specific topics.

It seems the most recent ES doctor list link isn’t working so I’ll try to send you a copy of it from my computer desktop. Doctors are listed by state. Hopefully there is at least one in your area.


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There are 2 ES doctors listed for Virginia -
Dr. Stephen Early - Univ of VA
Dr. John Sinacori - EVMS Otolaryngology

Many people have traveled out of state to have their surgeries done. Ear_mom’s son had his surgeries done by Dr. Jason Newman at U. of PA in Philadelphia also Dr. Cognetti has done many ES surgeries. He’s at Thos. Jefferson Hopsital in Philadelphia.
I hope these names give you a starting point. I’m sorry I didn’t send phone numbers but this site now blocks phone numbers when they’re placed in a post or email. You should be able to find these doctors by Googling them. If not, I will spell out the phone numbers for you.

Thank you so much for your reply!

Hi Isaiah,

you can send phone numbers and email addresses in private messages. If for some strange reason that doesn’t work, please let Mod Support know.

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Thank you, I’m going to call them.

Hi can someone also send me the doctors list? The link is not working im in CT. (Usa)


Thank you for sharing this! I told my husband I should probably go to the doctor in Hawaii :rofl:

Now that would be an adventure!! You’re too funny!! Although, I live in CA & someone from the eastern U.S. did come here in Dec. to have surgery w/ Dr. Samji.
CA is somewhat like Hawaii except a bit chillier right now. :wink:

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