K-Laser Treatment

Hey all,

I had a suggestion to try K-Laser treatment, apparently it is approved for use for various neuropathic conditions. I emailed the Dr at this clinic and he reached out to expert colleagues in the US who said it can work. Anyone ever try this? https://www.citycentrehealth.com/k-laser/


It looks as though K-Laser is a Class IV laser that requires special training for Dr.'s offices to have. I tried and enjoyed as it relaxed the muscles that the nerves had irritated. The benefits were brief as with ES the styloid process or calcified ligament will just continue to irritate the tissue around it. It certainly can’t hurt and if it gives you any relief it will be worth trying!

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I hadn’t heard of this, BFresh. Glad sjlash had a response for you! I have had laser therapy (not cold laser, but not sure specifically what kind) on my face since my ES surgery to try to help my first bite syndrome recover. I believe it has reduced my symptoms but not cured them.

Hi BFresh,

I have a MLS class IV cold laser (different company so can’t speak for this K laser machine) in my clinic and use it successfully for most patients in treating pain and inflammation. The only way to know is to try it, if there are no contraindications of course. I do not know your story so just a word of warning. If you have a skull base CSF leak the laser may induce brain drain and lead to worsening symptoms. It is never to be used over the thyroid gland. It will not take away the elongated styloid or calcified S-H ligament or fix any vascular stenosis, but it may help with pain related to inflammation.

Hope this is helpful, best of luck to you!


Great info everyone, thank you! Right now my pain level is manageable but if and when it flares up again maybe I will give it a try!

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